1981 Chevrolet Scottsdale C-20 5.7L 350 c.i.d. V8 from North America


Seriously doubt I will ever sell it. This is my dream truck!


Secondary ignition pickup died rendering no spark to coil.

Steering, water-pump, alternator belts.

New spark plug wires.

Passenger Aux. fuel tank electronics died.

General Comments:

Bought it for 800 bucks from my girlfriends father. Its been a loyal farm truck its whole life, and only has 100k miles on it. Got the original 350 V8 which runs like a clock (when the secondary pickup on the distributor wants to work)

It rides and handles nicely for a pickup of its size, seeing as how it's a 3/4 ton. It was more than covered in dirt when I got it, and is still awaiting an interior clean. If you swat the seat with your hand, plumes of dust fly at you. I can tell that it has been a very reliable truck as no problems have been encountered since new, other than the secondary pickup, but that's a given, and happened just today.

All original everything, even down to the AM stereo (which still works) and dash speaker (which is in 1 piece and sounds decent).

Can't wait to get 'er all fixed up and looking pretty! I fell in love with this truck not 20 minutes after I bought it.. oh the power!

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Review Date: 20th May, 2006

24th Dec 2011, 23:40

Hell, yeah man, I got one for 600. It is a bad ass truck. I can pull anything with it.

1981 Chevrolet Scottsdale 305 V8 from North America


Reliable head turner which can put your truck to shame, maybe


The truck is in good condition, however when I bought it there was some mechanical work that needed to be put into it. The truck previously had a new starter installed that wouldn't work right and the problem was the holes were not drilled right from the factory. Before I bought the truck there had been a 350 installed instead of the original 305, I don't know if something went wrong with the engine or not all I know is that I like the new one. I put a new carburetor and a after marker air intake on. I have also put new tires and rims on the truck. Last year I put a new bed on the truck, however there is very little rust on the rest of the vehicle. I also had to put a new exhaust on the truck. The new exhaust really brings out the sound of tat 350. The cab of the truck is in decent shape, but the seats have been split open, and the gauges are poorly lit. I put in a new blaupunkt CD player and speakers. Not that nice of a ride, but what do you expect its not a sedan. Had stronger leaf-springs installed. I weigh a little over 300 lbs. and I can jump on the bed and it won't bounce, and it handles a big load nicely.

General Comments:

Like all vehicles the truck has its own personality, and it, can sometimes throw a fit when I try to start it, but once you get her fired up you know what it was all about. The engine has a nice roar to it and runs very well. It is actually fairly nice to drive doesn't have any major mechanical problems and is in very nice shape. I would suggest this vehicle to anyone who wants to take there vehicle out and have fun off road, and still b able to use there vehicle for towing and recreation. This may be the funnest vehicle I have ever owned, and look forward to having it for many more years.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2006

12th Feb 2017, 04:31

I've got an 81 with 69 302, RWD with the Muncie. The ole girl's a tank.