1977 Chevrolet Silverado 5.7 (350) from North America


A runnin' jessie!


Governor blew in the tranny and wouldn't shift from 2nd to 3rd.

Carter quadrajet blew out the valves, and I had to replace.

Speedometer cable gear in the tranny stripped out.

General Comments:

This is the best truck I have ever owned.

Minor set backs, but shade tree mechanical work.

Has never been in the shop under my care.

Upholstery on the seat shows a little wear, but nothing to complain about for a truck that is 25 years old.

The only thing I do not like about the truck is the dual gas tanks. They should have put only one in, or put them on the same side of the vehicle. The left tanks contents will equal out to the right tank over night if you don't hit the switch.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 16th January, 2003