2014 Chevrolet Sonic RS 1.4 turbo from North America


Fun car, but I'm a little concerned that she is in the shop already... time will tell


- Emergency brake froze up on me (at the dealership being corrected now).

- If you let a passenger out and take off without shutting the car off, the "fasten seat-belt" alarm will go sound and blink (at the dealership being corrected now).

- Thump from rear passenger side when you hit slight bumps (at the dealership being looked at now).

I am a little concerned that the car is at the dealership already. The two previous Camrys never saw the dealership except for oil changes.

General Comments:

My wife traded in her 2012 Camry SE for this car. I wouldn't have traded, however this is a fun car to drive. It isn't a race car, but the way Chevy matched the transmission to the 1.4L turbo utilizes every little bit of torque it has. As you would imagine with a car this light, you can definitely feel the road, but that is part of the fun too. I don't foresee jumping into the Sonic to make a cross country trip, but I do find myself stealing it to bounce around town.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2015

2012 Chevrolet Sonic LT Hatchback 1.8 from North America


Made in the US with imported parts


The A/C makes a noise that the dealer cannot repair.

Poor gas mileage.

Replaced suspension parts on the front end.

Shift points can be felt upon slowing down.

Cheap tires, replaced, noisy.

Roof repainted.

Windshield washer front and rear leaked.

Window seals replaced.

General Comments:

Poor interior. There's too much plastic in the interior.

This segment of autos is cheap.

Parts are made by Daewoo; the company that could not make it in the USA. The motor is Daewoo, the tranny is Daewoo, and some suspension parts.

The car is fun to drive if you feel like trusting it at the time.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2014

26th Jul 2014, 20:44

Another thing that buyers should know is that the Chevy Sonic is derived from the Chevy Aveo.

27th Apr 2015, 18:02

The metal might be the only thing this vehicle shares with the Daewoo. None of the options including the engine or any electrical components can be swapped over.

2013 Chevrolet Sonic LT Hatchback 1.4 turbo from North America


Buy a Sonic if you want a good car



General Comments:

Handles better than most sports cars.

Gas mileage averaging 37 MPG on 87 octane regular fuel.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2013

6th Dec 2013, 13:55

I would hope there are no issues with only 900 miles on it.

7th Dec 2013, 17:01

I've driven a couple of Sonics. Great cars. Way better than the Japanese competitors.

2013 Chevrolet Sonic LT Turbo from North America


Better than I could have hoped for


None, although it's brand new.

General Comments:

This has been a great vehicle thus far. Absolutely no problems; not even an extra hiccup when starting in the cold.

Performance is very good for being an economy car; I'm averaging between 40 and 42 MPG combined (about 2/3s highway) and I'm not hypermiling it. The car runs at 2000 RPM at 65 mph in 6th gear, perfect for highway cruising. Acceleration is good as long as you are in the 1800-3000 RPM range where the turbo is spooling.

The ride is smooth, steering is light and effortless, and the suspension is sporty without being too firm.

The clutch is very good; this is a great car to have in a 6 speed. Transmission and clutch action are smooth, and the hill assist is a nifty feature. I have yet to kill this car.

Interior of the car is nice for economy. I'm 6'5 and have plenty of space in the driver's seat (no one will be comfortable behind me though). I can adjust the passenger's seat so that I can fit comfortably in both the front and back without adjusting.

Dealer was great, and might have made the most difference when car shopping. I went to a Ford dealer and a Toyota dealer; neither came close to working with me or were as friendly to deal with. I've been back to the Chevy dealer a couple of times to look at accessories and get one of my 6 complimentary oil changes, and they topped off my car's gas both times and are just as friendly post car sale.

Overall, very happy with the car and service. I will try to update at major milestones or if there are any faults that come up.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2013

21st Dec 2013, 15:09

Original reviewer: now at 12k miles and partially through winter, I can speak (somewhat) to the reliability and harsh weather performance of the sonic. Still haven't had any problems at all with the car. Cold weather wise (down to single digit degrees F) never had any trouble or hiccups starting, idling, running, etc... Fuel economy has dropped to around 36 MPG combined, but that's to be expected constantly running the heater and less dense air. The car also handled decently well driving through about 3-4 inches of snow and ice.

27th Apr 2015, 18:17

Colder air is denser than hot air.