1988 Chevrolet Sprint 1.0 from North America


Slow but reliable


A/C went out.

Alternator went out.

All four speakers went.

Front brakes/rotors over and over.

Wheel bearings over and over.

Reverse lights switch went out.

General Comments:

I guess this car was OK for its time but these days even the economy cars have at least 120hp and this car with only 40hp - can't even keep up with slow traffic, it's gotten so bad now that I have to drive down back roads to get places.

Of course I'm sure this engine is tired and worn out but still i'ts always been slow. Parts are almost impossible to find these days, I was going to rebuild the engine and the parts alone were over a 1000.00 dollars. I mean sheesh, you would think that for a 7000.00 car, brand new parts wouldn't cost that much. Anyway I'm sure it's time for me to retire this toy and get a real car.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2000

24th Jun 2001, 23:59

Sure it's low on power, but hey, I never have to take back roads. I'm always the guy passing everyone else. The only time I find it slow is when it maxes out at 150km/h or 90m/h. But in the city this is a great car.

My friends and I call cars like these go karts cause they can fit into the smallest of openings in the road. So most days I drive, I'm driving though the traffic, going at the very least on average of 80km/h or 50mph.

9th Jan 2008, 22:01

It probably needs tune up. Sell it to me. Chevrolet/Geo did bad when they listened to drivers who wanted more power/less fuel mileage. Get yourself a bigger car.

1988 Chevrolet Sprint 3cyl 1.0L 48hp Suzuki from North America


Great little car!


Stereo (replaced), catalytic converter, muffler.

General Comments:

This is a great first car for kids, because of it's limited power, it may keep kids out of trouble by minimizing burnouts and racing. Plus a child could afford this car, it gets 45-50 mpg, and rarely needs a service, plus the old style engine allows work without going to the shop, nice little project car.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2000

1st Sep 2002, 01:52

I have had my 88 since late 1993. It was my first car and is still my only car. Great little piece of machinery.

I've taken it from Virginia, to Alabama, to Oklahoma, all the way to Germany (where it did nicely on the autobahns) and now to New York. It's had its share of issues, but for a 14 year old car with nearly 200,000 miles on it I'd say its pretty good.

She's a tough little beast that will run and run despite severe engine problems. I once drove it over 1,000 miles with more antifreeze than oil in my crankcase, yet she fixed right on up.

Bottom line: I love my 1988 Sprint, it was my first car, and will always be my favorite.

29th Sep 2004, 12:47

1988 Chevy Sprint.

I bought my little 3 banger from my uncle last year for $100.00. It was sitting on the side of his house for 6 years and he finally let me have it. I bought it because I had a 1974 GM Truck that got 6.2 miles to the gallon.

Because of it sitting so long, just to be safe we completely rebuilt the engine. It passed with flying colors. before I knew it it was on the road and getting 54mpg. I have only had a small problem with the clutch plate, but other than that it's a nice little car.

I just recently upgraded the stereo with a performance CD player, 2 10" subs and a 510 amp.

Direct to the point: I love my sprint and it saves me lots of money! cpoole_2@yahoo.com.

1988 Chevrolet Sprint Metro ER 1.0 Gasoline from North America


Fun, economical and handy!


Replaced tires once. Replaced front oil seal, cost $6.00 for part & $0.00 labor.

General Comments:

Best car I've ever owned, 56.5 mpg on 1st tank of gas! I've hauled everything from people to lumber to concrete blocks.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2000