1985 Chevrolet Suburban C10 5.7 gas from North America




Distributor failed and brake caliper seized.

General Comments:

AWESOME truck. Bought it as a winter beater for $500. Was one of the best trucks I've EVER owned.

Its body was like a rusty old cheese grater... opened the door one day, and all I got was the handle. Leaked from every gasket but the intake and heads.

Needed a starter when I towed it to the junk yard... I had to, it was so physically unsafe to drive anymore. SOLID engine and transmission.

I've owned an 87 Chevy R10 2WD and it was awesome as well.

Getting ready to purchase a 1984 Suburban for $700. Very solid for its age and runs just as well as the last one! Handled well, towed magnificently. Sorely underrated towing capability.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2013

1985 Chevrolet Suburban Silverado 5.7L with carburetor from North America


Rugged, hard working, and reliable


I've replaced the transmission twice. First time at about 220,000 miles, second time at 310,000 miles.

I rebuilt the rear axle assembly. Common problem at 120,000 miles.

I've replaced the radiator twice.

I installed an aftermarket intake manifold because the original one was plugged with soot from the heat riser. Somewhere about 200,000 miles.

The air-conditioner just quite - again.

The front seat upholstery wore out at about 290,000 miles. I replace the whole seat.

The headliner got wet when the roof leaked at the luggage rack mounts a approx.200,000 miles. Shortly after I fixed the leak the headliner disintegrated.

The engine is getting tired, but it is still original.

The body is finally getting some rather serious rust. The bottom of the back doors, the bottom of the tail gate, and the rear quarter panels are suffering the most.

General Comments:

In nearly 300,000 miles, the car has only stranded me 3 times - both times the transmission failed and once when the starter motor failed. Otherwise, it has always gotten me to a place to fix it. I have used it as a camper, pulled large loads, help dozens of people move, driven through most of the states in the US of A, and it has done it all in style! A wonderful car. Fuel economy is it's biggest downfall. Mine is a 2 wheel drive and it gets about 12 miles/gallon (5 km/L).

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Review Date: 12th May, 2004