1994 Chevrolet Suburban K1500 5.7 gas from North America


It's good, but has stupid design flaws that are minor details


I got a mysterious leak in the radiator twice and replaced it twice. The second time I replaced it, I did the work myself and found out why it kept developing a leak. There is a screw that holds the plastic piece above the bumper that is the wrong type of screw. The screw has a pointed tip and goes though the plastic piece on the bumper and into the part of the engine compartment infront of the radiator. It takes 2 to 5 years for the radiator to move forward just enough to jar itself into that screw and create a very small hole in the tank on the driver side.

I fixed it by screwing the screw half way out.

I have pictures if anyone wants to see them.

General Comments:

Radiator leak cased by a screw that is pointed instead of flat and the screw is too long.

The leak happens only on the driver side because the passenger side screw is beyond the width of the radiator.

A sealant will seal the tiny hole for about a week.

I have pictures.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2005

1994 Chevrolet Suburban 350 8G from North America


Great highway car. Hell in a parking lot


Drive shaft has corroded. I had it replaced with a steel one at a drive shaft shop; never could get it balanced properly. I should have got the $700 GM one.

No other problems.

General Comments:

I have loved my suburbans. This one only gets 17 mpg where the 1985 Diesel got 20-25mpg highway, but it is nice to be able to start it when it is -10F.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2003

1994 Chevrolet Suburban Cheyenne 7.4 gas from North America


The true meaning of a truck


I have had to replace the fuel filter.

The timing belt needed to be replaced.

Other than that, just normal maintence; oil, air-filter, and tires.

General Comments:

With over 140,000 miles, the 454 still beats anything out there. Even in a 3-ton truck, I eat many upgraded cars off the line.

I am the second owner; the previous owner took very good care of her. I have had to do nothing, and with a soon better exhaust and K&N air-filter kit, this engine will scream.

I have the 2500 Heavy Duty so mine has skids plates and a better transfer case. I have had this beast air-born many times and she still drives like she was right off the assembly line.

Put 700 pounds in the back and she will ride like a Caddy.

You can beat these trucks to death and they will keep coming back.

Treat them like an angle, and you couldn't stop them with a 3 pound sledge and a bad attitude.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2001

3rd Feb 2004, 07:59

I have a 1993 1500 Suburban and I can't complain. It needed a new transmission at 83000 miles and I have replaced the radiator, the alternator, the rotors, the water pump and manifold parts. The transmission was the really expensive fix, but everything else was within reasonable costs. It is probably the greatest family vehicle out there; kids sit in the middle of the seats to protect them from any side impacts. A full size ice chest fits behind the front passenger seat; this means that we can take all the stuff needed for a family to camp out for a week and not have to tie anything to the roof. The GMC upholstery is the best it holds up to soccer cleats, dogs, and kids climbing all over it and not a spot or tear on it after 100,000 miles.

4th Oct 2006, 16:02

We had a 1994 Suburban that was still running at 225,000 miles. It had a few minor things go wrong, but it started everyday like a champ. We now have a 1999 suburban, but miss our old friend. All the bells and whistles on the '99 make us afraid of more things to go wrong! But we are suburban faithful. There is nothing like it for hauling people comfortably. We call it our traveling living room!

15th Oct 2008, 20:49

I posted this originally shortly after I bought the truck. I still have it and continue love it. I have put on numerous sets of tires (found the KO's to be the best for me), replaced a few other normal things, killed the tranny and replaced it with a rebuilt one, and it now needs a starter and brake booster. However, with that in mind it has over 225k miles.

I am not sure I could ask more of a truck; it has been used heavily, towed more than it should have a couple times, and continues to hold up. Yes I could replace some of the bushings and it may need shocks again, but it does have 1/4 million miles and lived a hard life. I am so glad to have had it and cannot wait to replace it with a newer version.