29th May 2006, 01:19

It really bugs me how so many people these days treat their vehicles like a sealed box. They expect it to run perfect and forever without ever lifting the hood.

Want your vehicle to last? Then follow the simple rules you should have learned in high school auto-shop.

1. Read the manual!! Understand not only what you are supposed to do, but what you aren't supposed to do with and to your vehicle. Obey your tow rating. Don't tow in Overdrive (if manual says not to), etc.

2. Learn your service intervals on the entire vehicle. Ask your dealer's service manager, NOT the salesman. Make a calendar and get the maintenance done on time.

3. Change fluids and replace ALL wear items. This means such things as oil, lube, air and oil filters, tranny fluid and filters, differential and transfer case lube, spark plugs, wires, fuel filters, brake pads, rotors, ball joints, etc.

4. Keep your vehicle clean. Wash it at least once a week, even (especially) in winter (use a drive thru wash with air dryer).

5. Don't skimp. why save $2.00 on oil and filter to risk a $50,000+ vehicle. That's nuts. I recommend synthetic lubricants and quality filters and parts like wix or Purolator filters.

I don't claim this is everything, and there are lemons of any vehicle, but it's the most basic stuff you MUST do.

It's like overeating, smoking, and not exercising and being mad when you have a heart attack.

All I can say to back this up is that 2 of my vehicles have a combined mileage of over half a million miles. 335,000 for one and 204,800 on the other. Neither uses oil between oil changes.


1st Feb 2007, 00:04

My fuel pump on my 97 GMC K1500 gives a loud "hiss" noise, not sure why, but it has always done that.