2005 Chevrolet Tacuma CDX 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Underrated quality and versatility


Lots - power steering pipe fractured - took weeks to get the replacement part.

Clutch failed - slave cylinder seal failed after 200 miles.

Front suspension top mount knocking - repaired twice, but still at it when the car went back.

Fake silver metal coating on door pulls cracked and cut fingers when the doors were opened.

General Comments:

Despite all that I loved this car. Light weight made it fast for what it was and frugal - 35 MPG overall, which was the same as a 52 Zafira 2.0L DTI I had before - basically a Scenic MK1 clone, so never going to be bad if it was a rip off of the original (and best) small MPV.

Roomy - well equipped - good stereo and air con - oh so comfortable - those front seats are the best ever - full of storage places, and to my eyes at least, a good looking car. It handled well enough and was cheap overall.

The best company car I have had by a country mile, and I have to say my current Ford C-Max is much more expensive, better equipped and not fit to polish the alloys of my old Tacuma - gone but not forgotten by me or the family.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2013

2005 Chevrolet Tacuma CDX 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Well made, practical, running costs way too high


Wiper fuse blows regularly in warm weather!

Driver's seat has small split.

Air con has died after the pump was making clanking noises.

General Comments:

It is a well made, reliable, roomy, comfortable car.

It's well equipped with 4 electric windows, front and rear parking sensors, CD stacker, A/C, loads of space and under floor cubby holes, rear seat fold out picnic tables, under seat storage trays, sunglasses holder; in short, loads of convenience features.

Its downsides are high insurance, high tax bracket (UK) and poor fuel economy (about 19mpg urban). Too be fair, on a run in fifth gear it's not too bad, but poor compared to more modern engines of a similar cc.

The interior is nice, roomy and bright, with loads of leg room in the back. The plastics used leave a lot to be desired - hard and shiny, none of that soft touch stuff here! Overall though, it is well screwed together, a lot better than the last Daewoo I had (that's right, under the Chevy badge it's still a Daewoo).

It is easy to park with the dealer fit parking sensors, and is a powerful motorway/A road driver. Seats five adults with ease.

If the ownership costs weren't so high, I'd happily keep it and run it into the ground, but it's just getting too expensive to run.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2011

2005 Chevrolet Tacuma SX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Terrific value, if dull, people carrier


Nothing since I have owned the car.

General Comments:

If you want a cheap people carrier to transport a family, then this is the car. An equivalent used Renault Megane Scenic would cost £2000 more, and that would buy 15555 miles worth of petrol at the 35mpg you'll get from the Tacuma.

It also has a very spacious cab with three proper seats in the rear with proper three point seat belt, not a centre lap strap as seen on the earlier Daewoo model. The boot is also huge and the rear seats can easily be removed from the vehicle, giving some serious load space of required.

Engine performance will not set the world on fire, but it'll sit at motorway speeds, fully loaded without a problem.

Styling is a bit odd and some would say ugly, but this is not something I find important, or a priority.

Real world fuel consumption is 34-35mpg, and emissions are Band J, which is high, but not as high as the 2.0 litre version, which is much more. The 2.0 l is likely to hit hard by the hike in road tax planned for 2010/11 - so avoid.

It is however, a dull car. Functional and very good value, but not a 'drivers' car for the image conscious or sporty type.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2009

2005 Chevrolet Tacuma 2.0 from UK and Ireland


They don't sell this version anymore - say no more!


3 sets of front disks (1 per year).

Rear shock absorbers rattling.

Poor front tyre wear.

Oil leak from rocker gasket- no parts available at dealer to fix.

General Comments:

Extraordinarily poor fuel consumption around 18mpg! perhaps 30 on a gentle run.

Dull car, poor quality interior fabric/plastic.

Poor performance even for a MPV.


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Review Date: 27th June, 2008

28th Jun 2008, 14:34

You forgot to mention that the styling is "unconventional" too-the other bits you complain about are serious, but did you ever go outside and look at it??!

I think it runs even a SSangyong Rodius a strong race to "most hideous looking car in history, ever".

Looking at it makes you feel the same as finding half a slug in the apple you have half eaten.

What were the design committee on? Ajax?!