2002 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 5.3L from North America




After 250,000 I just replaced the original alternator.

The transmission blew at 175,000.

Cat and muffler went out at 220,000 and shocks went out at 200,000.

The engine doesn’t run like it used to, but is still ol' reliable.

Future upgrades soon to be made are upper and lower control arms and inner/outer tie rods.

General Comments:

Best investment I ever did. I know I don’t get the best gas mileage like a Prius does, but 2 weeks of fuel for 55-66, depending on prices, I’ll take it.

This car is my daily, and although it’s lost some of it performance due to wear and tear over the years, this car is still kicking.

Very comfortable and accommodating for big families, and the ride is so smooth. If the engine ever takes a turn for the worse, I’ll definitely buy another one.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2018

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 5.3 gasoline from North America


Other than the initial fuel pump issues, it is the most comfortable, reliable, and versatile vehicle


Fuel pump.

Had the fuel pump replaced twice in the first 60,000 miles. Under warranty the first time and paid half the cost the second time. No issues since then.

Steering column.

Had a click in the steering column that was remedied at the same time the first fuel pump problem was taken care of.

General Comments:

It is the most versatile and comfortable vehicle we have ever owned. It is a 4-wheel drive LT model and we did a lot of light duty 4-wheeling, starting 4 days after we bought it. It has gone everywhere it should be expected to go and some places it shouldn't have without missing a beat.

On the highway it was super quiet and comfortable, even after 8 or 9 hours of driving, so getting to the off road locations in west Texas, Arizona, and points west were a breeze.

We were in upstate New York heading for Canada when it rolled over 200,000 miles, and we never gave it a second thought. Still own it and would still drive it anywhere in the country.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2015

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 5.3 V8 Flex Fuel from North America


Well worth the money


When I bought my truck, the water pump and serpentine belt had to be replaced; dealer fixed at no charge.

Then at 217800, U-Joint going out, a cheap fix, $40 for the part, and after labor it was about $120.

Other than these minor issues, nothing major has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Very comfortable ride, and very reliable. I hauled a trailer with 1500 pounds of asphalt, and I didn't even feel the load on the truck.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2011

2nd Nov 2011, 19:05

You got ripped off if they didn't replace both u-joints on the shaft.

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 5.3L from North America


Disappointing quality for low mileage on vehicle


Replaced under warranty: Transmission pump and associated parts necessary to rebuild automantic transmission (39,000 miles)

Oxygen sensor (45,000 miles)

Front and rear axle pinion seals (49,000 miles)

Leather seat on driver side cracked and coming apart.

Fuel level sensor in fuel tank acting erratically and going out after extended warranty ran out at 60,000 miles (of course!). Dealer and manufacturer's customer no-service rep. says fuel level sensor normal wear and tear item (at 61,000 miles??). Dealer says $570 to replace fuel level sensor.

General Comments:

Too bad cheap quality leather is used on GM vehicles at 60,000 plus miles.

My VW Passat has 117,000 miles and the leather is wearing like iron, no cracks or signs of excess wear.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2008

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 5.3L from North America


I love my Tahoe, it's a great vehicle, very fast, easy to work on


Wheel bearings and ball joints at 85k. Did the work myself for under $400. My buddy had it done at a shop and just one wheel bearing was $600; they are difficult to change, but if you have the system, they are easy. First one, drivers side bearing and joints took 3 (approx 20 hours) days, passengers side took 7 hours.

Drivers seat has a wobble in it. Easy fix, just haven't done it yet.

Remember to change the cabin air filters yearly.

No major problems.

General Comments:

Fantastic vehicle, I have owned two of them now, a 98 and an 02; the 02 is leaps and bounds better than the 98. The 02 has lots more power, much better gas mileage, and has a better stance when empty or loaded with stuff. Both handled great.

I spend a lot of time in my vehicles, not uncommon to spend 6 or more hours in a day in the truck. The leather seats are very comfortable, the heated seats rock.

Easy to work on, parts are cheap, performance parts are abundant and reasonably priced.

The ride is fantastic; it eats up highway as well as local paved or dirt roads.

4wd is fantastic. I have driven long distances in extremely snowy conditions (I live in the north east) Pulled my buddies international around like a toy, the 4wd low is great.

Easy to change out the stereo except for the stock subwoofer.

I have never had to turn the key more than once, it starts every time and is ready to roar off.

Has a pleasant sound when you punch the accelerator, and puts you in your seat as well as any truck would.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2008

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 5.3 from North America


Good vehicle if you need the space of a full-size SUV


Minor problem-Rear window hatch rubber weatherstripping started coming off at 11,000 miles, dealer replaced it under warranty.

General Comments:

Got beige leather seats, wished that I got the black colored leather interior instead, but it was not available at the time I bought the Tahoe.

Lastly, I purchased the FLEX E85 ethanol fuel rated 5.3L engine and it uses a different fuel line connection for the fuel filter than the regular 5.3L. A specialty tool is needed to remove filter instead of simple wrenches-next time will buy the NON-E85 ethanol rated engine.

Other than that good full-size SUV.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2006

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe z71 5.3L from North America


The best full-size SUV around!!!


Nothing is wrong with this vehicle.

General Comments:

Easy to install aftermarket performance parts and these parts are readily available. After the installation of a cold air intake system and an exhaust system, the performance increased noticeiably. Although the z71 is the off-road package, it performs extremely well on city streets.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2003