2004 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 4.8 Vortec from North America


Best car I've ever owned!



General Comments:

This is a great vehicle. I have had it for a month or so and it has been great.

Gas is not as bad as I thought it would be. It takes only about $10 dollars more to fill up than my previous vehicle.

Space is without limits and the 3rd row seats are great for guests. They can be taken out and stored.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2004

2004 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 5.3 from North America


Wonderful ride, but Quality Control on vehicle could use some work


I have had this vehicle since May 31 (it's July 13th now) and have had it in the shop twice in the last week for Air Conditioner problems.

First the low pressure valve was bad. They fixed it. It lasted 3 days.

Then yesterday it was the High Pressure Switch. It was fixed yesterday. We'll see how it goes.

General Comments:

Ride is awesome in the vehicle.

Mileage per gallon is not as bad as I thought it would be. $41.00 to fill the tank hurts, but it's only $10 more than with my old Cherokee.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2004

6th Feb 2005, 03:41

I purchased a 2004 Tahoe LT and have been disappointed as you have been. My memory seats have not worked since the beginning, Chevy has acknowledged the problem, and I have been told that there is no fix. Not good!

I also have to have the side moldings replaced as they weren't cast properly and have bulges (apparently a very common issue in 2004).

The transmission also has a low whine and shutters when changing gears. I haven't had this checked out yet, but I'm almost scared to.

By the way, all of this is with 9000 miles on it!

2004 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 5.3 from North America


Very high-priced, very low quality


Very loud pinging noise from exhaust system when sitting idle or after shutting the vehicle off.

Clicking noise from steering wheel when making sharp turn.

Memory settings not saving.

General Comments:

GM is aware of the exhaust problem and admits it is not normal. They are working on a fix, but nothing can be done currently to fix the problem.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2004

1st Oct 2004, 07:36

MY 2004 YUKON from North America.


1. Clicking noise when making sharp turns.

2. Has an extremely loud consistent pinging noise coming from exhaust. I can here this noise from 50 feet away. Dealer told me that there is nothing they could do and that this was NORMAL. This is very hard to digest.


3. Fuel Gage not properly registering.

4. Constant message to tighten my fuel cap, even when the cap is tight. Dealer said this is also normal because the computer is too sensitive. This is also hard to digest.

5. Currently on my 3rd CD player. Makes grinding noise when you put CD IN. Also, says CAL ERR when turning it on.

3rd Oct 2004, 19:59

My 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe sounds like it has glass pack mufflers on it. The engine noise inside the vehicle is so loud it drives you nuts on a trip. Dealer says this is normal. I also have a 2001 Tahoe that is not like this at all. So something has changed between 2001 and 2004 but I find it hard to accept. Any advise? djmorgan@sbcglobal.net.

1st May 2008, 23:02


I have an answer to your pinging exhaust and Memory Seats, I have owned Chevy Tahoe's since 1996, and belive it or not, they all have made a pinging noise in the exhaust, that's just the way they're made! About your memory seats, when I bought mine at the end of 2004, mine did the same thing, but when I set the easy exit seat to come on, I stopped having that problem. But you have to remember that when you get in, you have to press driver 1 or driver 2 in order for it to go back to its position. The reason it started working is because I was using it more often, and when you use it more often it will "stick" to it's position. May sound crazy, but it worked!

Hope this was helpful!