20th Jun 2004, 00:22

Yea, that's too bad about your dealer problems. Well actually this is a Suzuki car with a Chevy name. Also, the reason why Hyundai and Kia have such good warranties is that they need it since their cars are in the shop all the time, and I know since a few people I know own them. Supposedly Hyundai, unsure about kia has improved their quality.

24th Aug 2004, 22:07

Actually, if you look under a Kia Sportage, you'll see that it's got the same 4x4 axles and suspension as the Tracker. The parts are interchangeable. The Trackers is not really a Suzuki - it's made by CAMI Motors in Ontario (part owned by GM). Suzukis are made there, too (on Thursdays and Fridays?) I haven't yet figured out how the Sportage got the same 4x4 components.

My local GM dealer is fantastic on warranty repairs and recalls. All parts are in the parts dept. They even give me a free breakfast (a real breakfast with bacon and eggs and coffee) when I bring it in for an oil change. Heck of a deal!

19th Jan 2006, 08:57

Actually, the Tracker is a Suzuki body be technicality. However, this SUV is the farthest thing from a Suzuki. Not only are there noticeable differences between the Vitara and the Tracker, but the mechanics are much different if you know what you're talking about. As far as the review went, it was horrible. All that was spoken of was lousy customer service. It is supposed to be a car review.

6th Nov 2006, 14:18

I also have a story about poor G.M. customer service. In 2001 I purchased a new Pontiac Montana mini van. The problem was I didn't buy it from my local dealership where I had to get my service done. The dealer that sold me the van said that no matter where I bought the van, all G.M. dealerships were compelled to service it. My first mistake, I believed him. Right from the get go I had problems with my local dealer. I had my local dealer install an aftermarket towing package and transmission cooler to which he charged me twice what the dealer that sold me the vehicle would have charged me. I also went to see my local dealer to inform him I had less than 25,000 kms. on the original tires and that they were bald, and was told that if I had bought the van from them they would be replaced, but being that I did not, I was out of luck. I promptly phoned G. M customer service and was asked by G. M if there was another dealership nearby and to take my vehicle there for service. G. M did not offer to replace the tires nor did the second dealership. G.M. said that they did not have any control over what a dealership did. What a load. I tried to fight G.M. by going through different channels, but to no avail. You can't fight a company like that. This is only a couple of instances. There are more in the 5 years I owned the vehicle. My advice to anyone reading this. LEAVE G.M. PRODUCTS WHERE THEY ARE. I will never buy another vehicle from them. Customer service is a very important quality from a company. G.M has NO customer service.

17th Mar 2007, 20:55

First of all the Tracker and the Vitara are twin cars meaning they use the same engines and transmissions. There are a few cosmetic differences, but that's it. The Kia Sportage is in noway related to the Geo/Chevrolet Tracker. The Tracker is much more reliable than the Sportage you can do the research online to verify this. Now as far as the warranty and service from the G.M. dealers go I have had only good luck with my dealership and the service that I've had performed there.

13th Jul 2007, 18:06

I bought a Chevrolet Tracker in September 2001. I basically bought it because I am a single mom, needed an SUV, and the Tracker was the only one I could afford. I got the ZR2 model. I have had 90,000 trouble-free miles. I had all the service recommended in the owners manual and changed the oil every 3,000 miles. It's the best car I ever had including Honda and Toyota. I recently spotted a 2003 model with 26,000 miles and bought it, too. The engine is a V6 and I regularly get 25 mpg. I have used the same Chevrolet Dealership for all the maintenance. They have been so wonderful that I bought each of my three children a car from the same dealership. I can't believe Chevrolet stopped making this model. I recommend this car without hesitation.

15th Jul 2007, 12:47

I have a 2001 Chevy Tracker and it is awesome! I got it my Sophomore year of High School and I'm going into my Junior year of College. It is very reliable and it has held up well. It's too bad that they stopped making them. If they lengthened it up and had a heavier wheel base to it, I think it would have had more response.

16th Nov 2007, 10:12

Sure go ahead and go buy a KIa, you will have more problems than you could ever imagine!!! KIA is junk, I owend a spectra that they had to put 5 transmissions in within a year!!! I had a 94 Tracker and a 89 Sidekick, you can't beat them!! Great off road and great in the ice/snow. Never a minute of trouble.

29th Aug 2010, 21:22

Hi guys,

I have honestly had a KIA Sportage 2000 since February, it never gave any big problem. The only problem it gave me was last week; when I put my AC on, it overheated. And now, I changed the thermostat, and it was fixed.

It does not waste gas, this is a good car.

7th Feb 2019, 19:18

Dealers get PAID to repair warranty ITEMS!!! If it IS covered they are more than happy to repair it. If it is not covered, well it costs you $92. Sounds like the dealership was in the right to me!

23rd Aug 2020, 15:17

I am a parts manager for a Kia dealership and the messages on here about Kia products are so far from the truth, I wonder if those commenting have ulterior motives. The Kia Sportage and Sorento are almost unbelievably reliable for those who properly maintain them. It has been my experience in the 7 years I have worked with Kia products.