1988 Chevrolet Truck Cheyenne 305 V8 from North America


Very dependable, long lasting truck. Gotta love Chevy!


Minor things have gone wrong with the truck over the 15 years we've owned it.

Lately it has been stalling sometimes in reverse when you don't give it much gas, but it just needs a tune-up to fix that.

The body has started to rust pretty bad. Both bottom corners of the cab have holes in them, and all fenders are rusted.

General Comments:

Very reliable truck. Has never cost as much money to repair as our 1990 Mercury Sable wagon. Performs good and I think it sits fairly high for a 2 wheel drive.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2003

1988 Chevrolet Truck C1500 Cheyenne 4.3L V6 262 from North America


For light duty work with no showing off, it's a decent truck


The interior was built of cheap plastic, so the vent grates were destroyed by the time I bought the truck.

The glove compartment door came apart. First the latch broke. Then it just broke off.

The cloth seat was in good shape for its age.

The stock Rochester radiator blew a tank and required replacement. I replaced it with a new Modine.

The 4.3L has an odd tick at low rpms.

The brakes always have been, and probably always will be junk. Replacement of master cylinder and repeated bleeding does no good. Brakes are just inherently weak.

If you start with a cold engine, just as truck reaches operating temperature, if you have to stop, and then attempt to take off, the TBI will freak out and flood the engine, causing it to sputter up to speed.

Front shocks don't live long. The A-arm suspension kills them.

The stock Delco paper speakers were a joke. They blew to David Lee Murphy at half volume.

General Comments:

The 4.3 has achieved up to 23mpg and has been very reliable, even with the haunting low rpm tick. Also, despite what some may say, the 4.3 can really put out some performance with the right driver and a slightly opened up exhaust. I'd take it over a 305 any day.

The THM400 tranny is bulletproof, only haunted by the standard GM bang when put in reverse.

The steering seems to have been set up for an Astro on this particular truck. This truck will not cut tight.

What exactly was the point of sport mirrors? You cannot see anything with them.

The 2.73 gear ratio in the GM 10 bolt rear end, while it helps deliver great fuel economy, hinders the truck's pulling ability and causes dead stop takeoffs to lag.

Never trust a GM fuel gauge.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2002

24th Dec 2002, 17:10

It sounds like you have been chosen as "The Bearer Of Bad Luck". I proudly own a 89 cheyenne with the 4.3both v6 coupled to a 5 speed manual transmission. The truck is now 13 years old, bought brand new in late 88' and has been handed down to me from my father at 11 years old. Other than the factory recall on the paint (Repainted) my truck is not only a real looker, but with the 5 speed : roll hall and transmission it keeps up pretty damn good against a stock 350. I've embarassed a few as well. This is why Chevy & GMC owners never switch brands.

-Happy GM Owner.