1992 Chevrolet Truck Cheyenne 2500 5.0L/ 305 cci from North America


Great all around truck!


My transmission had to be rebuilt at 140k. This was partly my fault the pick up was towed 20 miles with the transfer case in 2H.

I had trouble with the ECM fuse blowing when I drove it for two hour or more. I replaced the fuel pump, the ECM sendind unit, and finally split that ECM circuit which did the trick. (128k)

Replaced the alternator at 140k.

Replaced both door bushings/pins, and the driver's side latch assembly at 108k.

Replaced the radiator at 128k.

Replaced the water pump at 123k.

Replaced the starter at 116k.

Replaced the tail pipe and muffler at 106k.

Replaced a windshield wiper motor at 114k.

Replaced all four brakes plus front rotors at 124k.

The factory paint job is prone to peeling. I am going to need a new paint job and I bought the truck this way.

General Comments:

This type of truck is a rugged work truck that has given me three years of services and I am guessing many more.

The ride is a little rough due to the 3/4 ton suspension; However the truck has better ground clearance for four wheel drive once you get use to it you do not even notice.

The torque and acceleration is awesome.

Overall I am very pleased with this truck the only draw back is the factory paint of this particular year is peeling off the truck.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2004

1992 Chevrolet Truck Work Truck 4.3 V6 vin z from North America


Very reliable, but no sports car


I really like this truck.

Has been very reliable, but lacks power.

Clutch whines when in neutral with Engine running, I was told it is normal for a Chevy, with a manual transmission.

Rear brake pistons leaking at 155,000 miles, had to replace.

Slight smoking on startup, possible valve guide blow by.

No tachometer on a truck with manual transmission.

General Comments:

Overall it's a no frills work truck, but engine should have been bigger and a tachometer put in with a manual transmission.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2004

1992 Chevrolet Truck 1500 Ext Cab 4.3L from North America


Drives like a car


Lack of power from 4.3L engine. My truck was an ext cab and only had a 4.3, which is really good on gas, but not so good when getting on the freeway.

General Comments:

Very dependable, low-cost vehicle to drive. The 1500 4x2 extended cab drives like a car, nice and smooth around corners, perfect tracking on the straightaway. I put 20K on this truck, and I hadn't found a problem with it.

My next truck is a bow tie, too!

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Review Date: 17th September, 2002

8th Nov 2002, 16:40

I own a 1990 1500 Extended Cab with a 4.3L, and just recently replaced the 5-speed transmission at 209,000 miles. I would concur that there is a definite lack of power in this vehicle, but the MPG is a plus. This truck does ride like a car, and I plan on keeping this one awhile!