2nd Feb 2009, 23:11

I have a 1993 Suburban 4x4 3/4 ton 5.7l with 4:10 diff 200.000km. It gets 1000km per tank, hwy 20mpg, does not burn oil at all or make any noises when cold, but it's not the most powerful truck when towing.

I'm looking to buy a 2000 to 2005 Chev 6.0L, but after reading some comments about the 6.0L I'm not so sure, maybe a guy is better to buy the old 6.5 turbo diesel; at least they are supposed to make noise.


7th Apr 2009, 14:03

Hello, I am true Chevy fan and have owned many Chevy trucks. They have always gotten the job done and did everything I have asked for.

I believe the 5.7 350, 7.4 454, 5.0 305, and the 4.3 262 engines are the best out of all series, due the long history, reliability, and cheap parts.

I own a 5.3 and 6.0 engine trucks, I have noticed the 5.3 is alway quiet no problems, the 6.0 is a little noisy at cold starts in the morning, but not a problem as the oil is circulating the engine.

They don't burn oil or leak, so for most part I can't complain about the engines. I do however use 10w-30 instead of the 5w-30 with no additives.

26th Apr 2009, 20:00

I have a 2002 Chevy 1500HD with the 6.0L with 130,000 on it. In the last few months it has started to get a knock coming from the #1 cylinder. The knock will happen all the time. I changed the oil, hoping that that would help, but it did not help.

Then the knock went away and it started running very rough and it dies, check engine light comes on, loud sucking from the air intake. I pulled the valve cover and looked at the valve springs, they looked good, then I did a compression test on it and had good compression on all but 0 on the #1 cylinder. I don't know, any ideas??? brentwhlr@yahoo.com

4th May 2009, 21:24

I have a 2001 1500 Z71 with 193000 miles. It's the 5.3. Knocks when started cold too. I use 10w30 with one qt of Lucius. Never had a wrench on it for repairs, knock on wood. Great truck, minus the start up noise.

23rd Nov 2009, 00:53

I have a 2002 Silverado 2500HD that I bought new, and it has always knocked after about 20000 miles. It now has 230,000 miles. Love my truck, always kept up with oil changes and runs like a champ, with or without the engine chatter. Very dependable truck.

12th Dec 2009, 08:21

I have a 2002 Chev truck. When I first start it in the morning, it has a knocking noise coming from the engine. I talked to a mechanic about it and he said it’s normal. He also said he had one just like it and it also knocked when he first started it. He when on to explain to me that Chev had built the engine with under size piston to reduce friction. If this is true, I am here to say they messed up. No more Chev trucks for me.

17th Dec 2009, 20:23

ROFL...I bought a new HD 2500 4x4 with the 6.0, in 2002. It now has 53,000 miles on it. Mobil 1, and K&N filter since first oil change at 1,000 miles.

I just did a full service on my truck. All fluids changed, and ECB brake H. P brakes. I'm a Chevy mechanic.

I have never dogged my truck, but I do run the crap out of it. Ha!

I have never heard any knocking, period. My 6.0 pulls like a horse, and it runs hard always. Period...

28th Dec 2009, 22:01

I know the knock you're talking about. I just bought one myself knowing about the issue. Just run 1 quart of Lucas in with your normal oil and it will help. There is no problem with the truck. If you wanna talk about, sorry let's talk about Ford's 6.0L Powerstroke abortion; they have a huge list of issues. Let's trade your knocking Chevy for my spare Power stroke. Chevy tuff knock and all.

29th Jan 2010, 20:42

I own a 2000 GMC SIERRA 5.3. It has 170000 and runs great! But I too have a knock at start ups below 40'. Only lasts until it warms up (sounds like lifters). I noticed a few loose rocker arms and tighten. Seemed to have helped some. KNOCK ON!!!

9th Feb 2010, 08:45

I have a 2002 Chevy 2500HD Crew Cab 6.0L.

In cold weather (teens and below) it sometimes won't crank at all when cold. New battery, starter relay clicks when you turn the key, but no crank.

Replaced start relay. Dash lights and headlights are all on normally, but starter won't crank.

Then (randomly) maybe on the 20th time you turn the key, it starts like summertime. Have never had the issue in warm weather, only when very cold. Dealer replaced starter in warranty many years back for same issue. Has happened 2 or 3 times per winter the last few years.

Can the starter solenoid be freezing up? Lights don't dim when key is turned to start. Any ideas?

24th Feb 2010, 19:50

I also have a 2002 Chevy HD with the 6.0 125000 on it, and it started knocking on start up. I replaced 4 exhaust manifold bolts that were broke off at the head. Fixed my problem. Some say if you put in a modified exhaust system, it will keep my problem from happening, I already had one, so that didn't work for me. And for a gas motor, love it for pulling.

25th Feb 2010, 21:06

I purchased a 02 GMC 4x4 Z71 with the 5.3. It had the same knock as the 6.0 in the 2500hd I now own. Like the rest of you all, it's embarrassing to start it when it's cold. I have been in the automotive business all my life. This just don't seem right, but I keep running it.

It uses about a quart oil between changes. I have also used Lucas, but it didn't help the KNOCK. I am glad to see some of the high mileage engines out there with little problems.

I have had these two gm trucks in less than a year (both knockers). My last truck was a 1994 F150 4x4 ext cab, sold it after 12 years of great service (no knocks) and never added any oil between changes. Live and learn.

27th Feb 2010, 22:54

I have 2002 with the same engine knock, took it to dealer and many other shops. They told me no problem with the truck, very common in GM motors. I took to a back woods mechanic. He told me use syntec with slick fifty. I did. Problem gone.

15th Mar 2010, 08:56

I have a 2001 2500HD with a 6.0. It has 150,000.

It started knocking at 15,000. I took it to the dealer, and they told me the same thing every one else is hearing. I was pretty angry at the time, but almost ten years and 135,000 miles later, I will have to say that GM was right, the truck is still going with no problems; to say the least I am pretty abusive to it.

Being a master ASE technician, I have seen a lot of these engines, and never had to replace one. For me personally the GM knock isn't all that bad; you should listen to the new Ford three valve 5.4 liter start up after 30,000 miles; I have had to replace a lot of those engines that will give you something to complain about.