22nd Feb 2010, 22:01

I must agree with everyone when said that it's probably one of the most dependable trucks ever made... Mine went bad at 235,000 miles and started smoking... Other than that, regular maintenance was all that was ever required.

I weighed my options, and being the truck was never any problem at all... I had the engine rebuilt... the interior redone... new A/C / heating system... new paint to come... it was well worth the investment because I know this truck will be with me forever... Bought it new in 94 and she's running like a dream :)

15th Nov 2011, 19:13

For my 16th birthday, my parents got me this 16 year old Chevy Cheyenne. It had rust all over the place, the seats were ripped up, the radio sometimes jammed up, the transmission was failing, the steering was not aligned correctly, the heating only worked on one fan speed; there is a laundry list of what was wrong with it. My friends would always make fun of the car for its appearance, but I was always the one who plowed their driveways when CT had that freak snowstorm in 2010.

During the winter when it got to 0 degrees, this truck always started up, my friends on the other hand it took them a few times. Once I actually had to jump my friends car, ironically it was the same friend who ridiculed me for having jumper cables in my car. This was a great truck; even with its faults, it survived being a working man's truck.

Even though I have only driven it for a year, I fell in love with this truck.

Just the other day, my mom told me the truck is falling apart. Rust has eaten away at almost everything; when the mechanics put it on the lift to examine the bottom, the gas tank fell straight off.

I call myself a man, but honestly this is the saddest I have ever been in a long time.

Once I have kids, I am searching the Internet and buying another Chevy Cheyenne.

This is the type of truck that survives, and I am sad to see mine go.