1974 Chevrolet Van Motorhome 5.7 from UK and Ireland


Rear wheel bearings.

Master brake cylinder.

Rear brake cylinders.

3 brake pipes.

Front shoes worn out.

Rear shoes also worn out.

Wipers squeak constantly.

Idler arm worn out.

Replace 4 barrel carburetor for 2 barrel carburetor, in an attempt to reduce the thirst for fuel; 2nd only to Saturn V rockets.

Gearbox grinds auto.

Replaced 4x 16.5 tyres; expensive.

Leaks water like a sieve.

Handles worse than a water bed.

Best bit; it wastes Astra GTIs, VW Golfs etc all day. My G30 maybe dying, but not without a fight.

General Comments:

This van is the US version of our Vauxhall Bedford CF Van. Our UK van is around a 3rd smaller than its Chevy cousin and no V8, but I do think the 5.7 is a little on the large side.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2004