1978 Chevrolet Van 2500 Long Wheelbase 5.7 from North America


A Hawaii blue work van


Carburetor needed replacement.

Drive shaft was bent when shop was installing a new u-joint.

Parking brake ratchet broke.

Heater stopped heating.

Latch on side sliding door needed replacement.

General Comments:

I gave a girl a ride in my wagon...

It wasn't that kind of van!

She crawled in and took control...

No it didn't have murals on the side, nor a water bed in back.

This was a three-quarter ton, long wheelbase, work van. It didn't even have air conditioning. It only had an AM radio too! Not exactly a cruising machine, huh?

It served its purpose very well.

The workmanship was horrific however.

The factory paint job was terrible.

The sides had a lot of over-spray on them. In fact it looked as though it was painted with a spray can. The rear suspension squeaked when it was delivered too. The painted (silver) bumpers were also prone to rust.

Typical GM mediocre workmanship.

This van was built in Canada.

This van only had two bucket seats and was built for hauling cargo.

For much of the year, I loaded a big Kelvinator freezer into it, and used it as an ice cream truck. In the off season, out came the freezer and I could use it to take my dogs to dogs shows. (I didn't do both at the same time, as the Board of Health would have frowned upon that)

It did that very well and never let me down.

I took this van on one very long trip, and it was comfortable enough.

My dogs liked it too, as they had room to lie down right next to the driver's seat.

With the 350 cu. inch engine and

4 barrel carburetor, it had plenty of power. The gas mileage wasn't great, but hey, it was a work van.

It never let me down and always did what it was supposed to do.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2004

1978 Chevrolet Van G20 350 4bbl from North America


Gas only


Very little. I replaced the radiator, starter, ac compressor, shocks, batteries, brake pads and shoes, and tires. This is nothing. This machine just keeps going and going. I've had this van going on 14 years and it won't quit. It's freakin' amazing. But I give it regular oil changes and keep an eye on things.

It uses fuel, about 12mpg, but this is normal for a full size van.

I haul and tow tons of crap and it never breaks a sweat.

I rebuilt the carburetor, a Rochester Quadrajet, with an available kit. It was a piece of cake. It accelerates much better now. I also tightened a loose valve. it took about 20 minutes to pull the valve cover and tighten the nut.

I swear 99.99% of the money I spend on this thing is on fuel. Unbelievable reliability.

General Comments:

If you find one, grab it and hold onto it.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2004

27th Dec 2010, 17:14

Yes, these vans are great for reliability. As long as you don't know the oil pan out of them, those old 350s will run forever. They're great engines, but lack in the hp and tq department. I solved this by having the 350 in mine bored and stroked out. I bought mine new, it was my first brand new car that I paid for myself, I special ordered it, with power steering, power brakes, a long wheel base and the 4 barrel 350. It's a panel at that, no windows on the side at all, and only one side door.