1984 Chevrolet Van G20 Conversion 6.2 diesel from North America


Comfortable and very efficient for its size


Alternator belt

Rebuilt power steering pump

Changed the radiator

Front brakes (pads and rotors)

Water pump

Vacuum pump

Rebuilt transmission - our fault

Rear brakes

Gear reduction starter.

General Comments:

We did all the repairs ourselves, even rebuilding the power steering pump and transmission, so that saved a lot of money. The transmission went out because we towed another 3/4 ton van on a trailer 100 miles up and down on country roads.

With older vehicles, you have to expect you're going to be replacing parts often. We are currently gathering parts to rebuild the engine. This one still gets 20 mpg in town and on the highway, but is starting to use oil, and lose what precious little power it came with.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2007