1989 Chevrolet Van Beauville G20 350 from North America


If I had to do it again, I would decline the repairs


Original transmission blew six months after we purchased it. We were travelling the country at the time from Oregon to Kentucky to Colorado. The transmission blew one year later after being rebuilt. It was replaced with a used transmission which failed one year later. The vehicle sat for three years. This year we rebuilt the transmission (number 4) for $1800.

One day after replacing this last tranny, the engine died. There was a vacuum leak into one of the cylinders. It was replaced for $2000.

One week later the radiator begun leaking. It was so rusted, it had to be replaced $420.

As of now, the engine continuously dies for no apparent reason. The oil gauge never stays in one place. The mechanic broke off the antenna. The roof is severely rusted. The tape player does not eject cassettes. The battery hardly holds a charge (blower motors fault). The blower motor and A/C condenser needs replaced and a screw is missing from the drivers seat.

General Comments:

This vehicle is a great work horse. It has substantial towing capacity. The gas mileage ran around 20mpg in town, on the highway, across country, loaded/unloaded/with or without trailer. That is considerably good for a 350 12 passenger van.

I would not purchase a Chevrolet again. I am a die-hard FORD fanatic. This Chevy has sentimental value, that is the only reason I put so much money into it.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2005

6th Mar 2008, 21:33

It seems very unlikely that all of those transmissions of yours would just fail like that.

You mentioned your radiator rusted out and had to be replaced. It sounds to me like your transmission cooling lines might have been plugged and as a result your transmission overheated and fried.

It does not matter what transmission you put in if that was the case. They would fry every time.