2004 Chevrolet Van Express 2500HD 8 lug 8600lb 6.0 liter from North America


Reliable van, but really sucks every other way


Leaking freeze plug in aluminum head, possibly water pump leaking now.

Extremely, extremely, extremely rough riding.

Otherwise been very reliable.

General Comments:

I was never a Ford fan until I owned a Chevy...

Pros: Reliable, a little more powerful than what the Ford Econoline offers.

Cons: Everything else. Horrible build quality and materials. Poor MPG, even driving like a pro with an MPG computer. Around 12-13mpg very lightly loaded.

Extremely stiff, bone jarring, harsh and noisy ride. Stressful to drive as you're constantly trying to avoid every crack and pebble on the road. Just crossing the lane dots makes me cringe and grimace.

Even spending 1200.00 on the most expensive and highest rated Michelins didn't help. Installing Sulastic spring isolation helped, but it still sucks badly compared to any used Ford Econoline from 1975 and up.

Lots of wind noise, and it buffets itself in its own wake. On a dead calm day I'm looking at the trees wondering why it's blowing the van around.

Noisy, creaky, crunchy plastic junk interior. Horrible ergonomics.

Uncomfortable as hell. Poor seats. Creaky door panels if you even touch them. Everything you touch feels cheap and like it's about to crumble. Hard, scratchy feeling door panel bulges protrude right into your knees.

Flimsy poor body and sheet metal. I had to stuff the cargo doors with insulation because the reverberation of the thin, cheap metal. It's ironic, such a flimsy, cheap, effeminate body on such an antique, WWI military chassis that must have been made from old shovels.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2011

7th Aug 2011, 06:52

Just remember, your van was built to be used/driven loaded with a huge amount of weight (you could carry the Ford van you mention) without a problem (the Ford E250 could not carry the Chev van).

The Chev Van has a very advanced frame design, and under loaded conditions it is a smooth controlled ride (safe). It should be a firm ride unloaded.

If you are looking for a car like unloaded ride quality, why are you driving a 2500HD van, and with a 6 liter engine and low rear end gearing to haul loads?

Go to a Chevy 1500 1/2 ton van with V6 engine for a smooth unloaded ride and 20+MPG.

Tip. Your odometer may not be correct if you purchased a used van (a lot are). The average transmission in your van should not have the problem you describe if at all until 300.000 miles of hard work. Look for signs of delivery service lettering, worn arm rests and seats etc. You did mention the seat had little support. They are great seats until they get worn... you may have a high mileage delivery 300+ van.

These vans hold up VERY well, so you really have to look for wear. One of my customers has your identical van with 700.000 on it now, and you would not know it! (same engine and transmission untouched)

2004 Chevrolet Van Express 2500HD 4.8L V8 from North America


Very durable, rugged, and reliable van that won't let you down, unless you let it down


I bought this car from a used car dealer in 2006. The car was two years old, and had approx 60,000 miles on it which is kinda excessive for a two year vehicle. yet the Express Van was very clean inside, which sold me.

Besides doing all the standard maintenance items on my own when I first bought it, I have had relatively few problems with it.

The door handles for some reason was not working, maybe it had been pulled to hard. I reconnected a loose rod, and have had no problems since.

The accelerator cable broke while I was on a highway. Causing the throttle to remain in the open position as one of the steel lines that make up the cable broke inside. Looks like the vehicle had been serviced and the cable was bent in a tight position causing the steel cable to have excessive friction until the one of the steel cable lines eventually broke. Nobody got hurt. The cable cost me $40.00 and fixed it with my cousin in 2 hours.

Spare tire carrier was broken, got used one from junk yard for $40.00, and put it in in 1 hour.

The seat cushions are not as resilient as they were.

General Comments:

The van is very powerful, and I have put in a lot of stuff in it as I am a contractor, and the van is barely weighed down, and the engine pulls as if it is barely loaded.

As far as ride goes, its pretty good for a van, and has decent acceleration.

The car has not let me down rain or shine.

I do a lot of my own repair work, but if an owner does their recommended service, and oil changes, this thing could easily last 200,000 miles with no problems.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2007