10th Dec 2011, 19:13

Original poster update:

92,000 miles.

I just had the first spark plug and wire change as recommended by my mechanic.

Also had my second transmission flush done. It's a BG flush, which removes 100% of the fluid as opposed to just draining the pan, which only collects about half of the old fluid. New filter as well.

Had the brake flush service done, and when they checked the pads, they still had 10mm on the front, which have 20K miles on them, 9mm on the rear, which are the original pads.

They also performed a fuel injector service to clear the lines and added a concentrated fuel cleaner in the tank. This service was free, as they had a 2 for 1 special that day.

Bad news: The rack (suspension) is leaking from the passenger side and will soon have to be dealt with, so this is 2 major front suspension repairs I've had to do to it.

I had the rear diff fluid changed at about 89,000 miles.

Besides the front suspension and general maintenance, the van has been nothing but reliable. I do believe the dealer I bought the van from had the fuel pump changed out at 55,000 miles, which is what I would be normally worried about, given it's a GM truck and how many miles it has on it, so I'm not worried till at least 120K.

The engine is still as smooth as butter, pulls strong and sounds great. The transmission still jerks a small bit shifting from 1st to 2nd, but it is no worse than when I bought it.

Fuel mileage is still around 15mpg with the van fully loaded (7000lbs).

Interior pieces have begun to come loose, the driver's side pull handle is broken. It was thin and cheap to begin with, and I'm not surprised. The side door top latch (with a small plastic clip holding two metal bars together) snapped off.

No other issues to report.