1976 Chevrolet Vega GT 2.3 Four Makuni motorcycle carbs from North America


Never had a cooler car in the world


The car has had few problems for me. The only thing is the speedometer sensor and the gas tank sensor gave out, but got the gas sensor working, but I still guess my MPH.

This car is even more reliable than my 1995 Camaro RS.

General Comments:

My dad first got this car when he was 26, and drove it for a while and then sold it to his sister, and after her high school years he bought it back.

Later he need to update his house, and sold it to another guy. The guy trashed the poor Vega and my dad fixed all the problems, and then made his own intake for a Chevy Vega instead of a Ford Pinto like this guy did in California.

He put four makuni motorcycle carbs on it and painted it black with flames. It sat under a tree because he had no room for it, and it was raining and he asked a guy if he wanted to buy it because he had no room, and he said yes. The guy owned the car for 20 years and sat in a barn. Later, at the age of 15, I saw the car in a video my dad, had and I fell in love with the car.

We bought it, and we fix it up, re-chromed the rims, put wheel well neons on it, new stereo with one sub and 8 other speakers with an EQ, put new shifter knob on it and a shifting boot.

Also we fixed the camshaft and put a lower valance and front spoiler on it. Now getting it all ready to drive around in that car.

I get asked to race all the time, and you would think a teenager would go out and race it, but not me, I love this car too much. If something went wrong, I don't wanna lose the car. I don't even race my Camaro.

If you find a Vega, treat it like if it's your own kid, because these cars are pretty rare to find :)

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2009

23rd Mar 2009, 14:05

I thought the worst Chevrolet ever built was the 1980-81 Citation's, there was a long list of recalls from those Citation's and its X-body cousins.

24th Mar 2009, 21:06

You can squeeze a smallblock Chevy 350 in the little sucker too.. I've seen it done to these Vega's and also the Chevy LUV pickups.

20th Apr 2009, 21:00

I have one of these things. A 76 Cosworth with the supposed 120 hp 2.0 fuel injected 4 banger, and I love this car. Reliable as can be, idles like it has a big 6 or 8 in it, and just beautiful. Never would have thought this thing is as fast as it is. All original, and I smoke every single import that tries to race me (except Evos and other real tuners).

Mine is the standard Cosworth black with gold wheels, and is rocking 2 12 inch 1000 Alumapro subs, Kenwood 5 1/4 front and 6x9 rears with a Kenwood 1800 amp and head; sounds amazing. Come check it out on cardomain.com and create one for your Vega... http://cardomain.com/ride/2958828