26th Feb 2002, 14:22

Man that car was bad. We had one with a three speed stick. The clutch was so heavy it pushed you back in the seat. The engine would vibrate and all of the fittings would break off. The fenders disappeared from rust in two years. The engine wore right out. The worst car ever made. Ties with Yugo.

James Sullivan was the man behind the Vega and he hated all of his customers.

He used to say that people shouldn't understand cars so they should get the Vega. He said the customer was evil and the enemy. He wanted a car to get even with the customer. So he had his friend Roger Smith, an accountant, design the Vega.

18th Mar 2004, 22:46

James Sullivin sounds like Hobbes the philosopher lol. The Vega was truly horrible, those poor people who owned one.

23rd Jul 2004, 10:49

Sorry you had bad luck, but I suspect the following is true of every car maker: Every one out of a thousand cars or so turns out to be a lemon. I owned a 72 Vega which I bought new and sold it at 152,000 miles. The car never used a drop of oil and never needed a bit of engine work. I wish GM still made this quality little car.

20th Oct 2004, 17:48

Sorry about your bad experiences, but I loved my Vega GT. It always ran smooth with a nice power band for the displacement. The hatch back feature let me haul all kinds of loads, from groceries to camping gear. I even added a hitch and pulled a trailer for my 125 dirt bike. With the factory four speed transmission, it was quick and fun to drive. I lost mine due to accident damage. It was smashed in a parking lot by a 4 by 4 pickup.

4th May 2005, 01:01

Although I have never owned a Vega, it is my understanding that the aluminum block could be sleeved with steel cylinders. Of course, this remedy involved a major overhaul, but it solved the oil-consumption problems in most cases. In my way of thinking, it's sort of like "loving your Vega to pieces". Why bother?