17th Dec 2005, 07:10

Amazing how these cars keep splitting in half. First a Ford, then a Vega. Is no one safe?

For your information: a Vega's frame can't split in half. It has no frame. It's unitized construction. And the fact that you've seen one Vega in bad shape says nothing about Vegas in general. I've seen three Vegas through the years, ALL driven for years by their satisfied owners.

17th Dec 2005, 17:41

Apparently you didn't notice when the person said that they had a series of Vegas, i.e. more than two at least, and they were all junk. Sounds pretty convincing to me. Yes, I'm certain that he was totally mistaken about the car breaking in half going down the road--yeah right! That's the kind of thing you don't forget!

31st Mar 2006, 19:16

I know some one who put a modified 350 CI engine into one of these cars and it justs burns tires! (The Car is also modified and is hardly stock) As for Mr. SadStory, please stop posting that on every "performance" car thread. Yes accidents happen, but just because it happened to your friend does not mean it will happen to every driving enthusiast.

27th Dec 2006, 22:45

I am in defense of Vegas. I am putting a 350 into mine with a three speed right now. My mom drove the car all through high school and college, and it still runs like a dream. (And she drove across Nebraska for college.) It has only needed one brake job, and only one fuel pump put in. It is a very dependable little car that is much more solid then most on the roads today. It might be a little redneck, but I like it.

24th Jul 2007, 20:58

My dad is enchanted too with a 1973 Vega station wagon. He loves it. People around town all know that car--you just don't see many cars driven daily from the early 70's. Cool car.