1997 Chevrolet Venture 3.4 V6 from North America


It is a good van if you do not mind expensive engine repairs sooner than other vans


The engine had lifter noise which we cured by putting transmission fluid in the oil several times and changing the oil and filter several times.

The head gasket failed because of the previous owner overheating the engine. We think it was because of the intake manifold gasket problems this engine has.

General Comments:

The van is much quieter than our 1993 Caravan.

The interior is much more comfortable than the Caravan, but is less well put together.

The interior lights are too dim.

I really like the seat flexibility. The seats are removed easily and also recline individually.

We have the short version and it has a lack of space for storage. Our Caravan was the same size, but had more cubby holes and room under the seat.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2002

1997 Chevrolet Venture LS V6 from North America


Please do not purchase this vehicle


Early in the car's life I had to have a brake job done: approximately 19,000 miles.

The power sliding door failed to operate properly 4 or 5 times times. Two of those times it was still under warranty so there was no cost to fix.

At 81,000+ miles, the transmission died with no warnings. It died while my wife was driving home and she was stranded. I shelled out $2300 for a new transmission.

Two weeks later, at 82,000 miles, the water pump went bad and we had the car towed again.

Two weeks after that, the fuel filter was leaking and we had it towed once more.

Three weeks later, the engine service light came on so we took it into the service department. I was told that it needed a tune-up, even though the car was not supposed to require a tune-up until 100,000 miles. So, I had a tune-up done and a few others items replaced for a total of $300+.

The very next day, the car heats up and loses power while my wife is driving home on the freeway. After towing it in once again, we are told that the head is cracked and it will cost another $2500-$4000 to fix.

The very next day we head over to the Honda dealership and purchase a brand new Honda Pilot. The dealership gave me $2000 for it even though I had to have it towed in.

Will never buy another Chevrolet or American vehicle again.

General Comments:

This car was reasonably reliable and very comfortable at first.

I maintained this car above and beyond normal.

It died an expensive and agonizing death at only 82,000 miles.

Do not buy!

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Review Date: 21st November, 2002

1997 Chevrolet Venture 4.8 from North America


A big disapointment to our family


My Chevy Venture van is a full size conversion van. I have had problems since the first week.

The side passenger windows fell out within the first month. Just this week one of them fell out again.

The air conditioner does not run anymore. When the air conditioner did run it would cause the motor to lurch when the compressor turned on. I was told by the dealership that this was normal. The side passenger door in the rear is a double door. The door started to become increasingly hard to open. Took into dealer who said it just needed oiling. He oiled and worked door back and forth when the hinge snapped in half. That was still under warranty. Now both of these side doors are acting the same way again. The drivers window will not go up if it was put all of the way down. Intermittent problem in the beginning so dealer never could duplicate or repair. Rear door handle quit working and had to be replaced.

There is a strong gas odor inside the van when the tank is filled all of the way up. I have to fill tank all of the way because the gas gauge does not work so I use the odometer. At 77000 miles the transmission had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I will never buy a Chevy van again.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2002

5th Jan 2003, 01:41

I have had the same problem with a 97 venture (gas gauge not working, gas smell) also suspension problems, had to replace intake manifold for coolant leak which I understand is a common problem in this model. When driving down highway recently, van died - turns out 2 cylinders dead, transmission shot. All this at 76,000 miles. Getting rid of it, won't buy another Chevy product EVER.