2001 Chevrolet Venture Warner Bros. Edition 3.4L 3400 Series 180HP from North America


This van was a mistake to buy


Car smells, engine knock was cured by dealer putting in some engine additives and telling me to use Premium gas in a car that needs regular gas. Dealer neglected to take plastic off seats. Had faulty headlamp replaced. Needed to call GM to aquire an English manual, car came with a French! manual. Quality control seems to be a minor problem. Neighbors Venture just got totalled, checked out the Internet and found out the Venture has the worst crash test of any mini van just above my former Astro. Interior room is good, but the rear seats aren't as comfortable as they look.

General Comments:

I was told this car was new. But my friend pointed out it must have been a test drive unit because it had so many miles when it was bought. In retrospect I bought it simply because I always bought Chevrolet, now I wish I bought a Grand Caravan, I test drove other vans after buying another Chevrolet at the request of my wife. A big mistake.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2001

19th Aug 2001, 14:26

I don't understand what the problem is. The only mechanical problems you have had is an engine knock, and a faulty headlight. Check out the Dodge Caravans and Plymouth Voyagers reliability problems on this web page.

9th Nov 2002, 21:33

We bought a used 98 venture that had a Lemon title for a windshield leak they claimed. However, on the 30 minute freeway ride home the coolant light came on. I filled it and it kept leaking out. After two trips to the dealer to insist it had a leak and circling it on the oil pan, they replace the head gaskets. Rear brakes grind even though pads look fine. Last month the power lock locking button will only unlock, and only lock when it goes in drive. Yes the plastic parts are loose or falling apart.

11th Jul 2004, 19:39

I purchased my Warner Bros Venture in 2001. My wife has put 55,000 miles on this vehicle without any mechanical problems. However, I am having a problem with the LCD screen at the moment. My sister just purchased a Grand Caravan Aniv. Edition, and yes it is does have a few more options, but it cost just under 40K. I would take the Venture over the Caravan just because of the price. I think all cars are are hit or miss regardless of make or model. I had a 97 Pont. Trans Port that was nothing, but Junk. The only complaint I have with the Venture is the General XP 2000 tires. They are the worst tire on the market, But for all the toys on the Warner Bros at the time I bought it and at the price I paid, There isn't anything out there than can compete.