2002 Chevrolet Venture AWD Extended 3.8 V6 from North America


Don't buy the AWD version


Head gasket went at just over 60,000 km, but the dealer replaced and repaired for free.

Dealer service was always excellent, but the vehicle quality was very poor.

Brakes had to be replaced at 22,000km, wheel bearing and speed sensor at 12,000.

AWD and ABS lights come on regularly, despite replacement of bearings/sensors.

Spare tire assembly is a one use only option.

There is always something wrong with the vehicle. Most recently the strut assembly went and was very expensive to repair.

My previous vehicle went well over 300,000 km and was only disabled by the rust. Problems with this vehicle have convinced me to never buy another GM vehicle.

However, I've only heard good things about the non-AWD versions of the Venture.

General Comments:

Good on gas, comfortable, roomy. GM service is a 10 out of 10.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2010

13th Feb 2013, 10:47

2002 Chev Venture AWD, Extended Length.

I am the second owner, and the only problem I have ever had with this van is the ABS light, but took it in and they fixed the problem.

This van is an awesome van to drive, and I can't believe there are bad reviews about this vehicle, but then again if the maintenance is not done on the vehicle, is that the vehicle's fault??? I think not!!!

2002 Chevrolet Venture 3.4 from North America


I think it's a great, albeit boring vehicle, disappointed in the intake manifold issue


Rear brake cylinders, intake manifold gasket, moisture in headlights.

General Comments:

I think there's just a lot of people here who don't actually own a GM vehicle, they're just here to make up stuff and bash GM.

I have a 2002 Venture, we purchased it new, and other than normal maintenance, the only things I can say I'm disappointed is the fact that the intake manifold gasket needed to be replaced. GM has to recognize they have a problem here.

And the rear brake cylinders, those started leaking prematurely IMHO, and have had issues with moisture in the headlights, so I resealed those with some silicone sealer. Otherwise it's been a great vehicle, has approx 122K on it now.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2010

2002 Chevrolet Venture 3.4L from North America


Excellent!!! But with a couple of quirks


The first thing that went wrong was the gas gauge. I expected this because I bought it used, and so many other people said they had problems with their gas gauge on the Venture. For me, it was easy to deal with because I just re-set the trip odometer to zero every time I went to the gas station. With a full tank, the van can safely go about 450 miles. I have gotten over 500 miles on one tank, but that is really coming close to running out of gas.

The other thing is the ABS light coming on for some reason. (This may have to do with the way I use the van because I am a roadside assistant on the highway, and I make sudden stops from 60 MPH to 0 MPH in short distances).

After about 150,000 miles, a few minor things finally broke (but 150,000 miles is A LOT, and I use it in a heavy duty way.)

Other things that broke after 150,000 miles:

- Back windshield wiper.

- Seat belt recoil has become slow when I take off the seat belt to get out. (Seat belt still works fine for protection in an accident)

- Check engine light comes on sometimes for no apparent reason.

- Driver's side power window has become slow to roll up. (still works, but slow).

- Light bulbs that light up the heater controls have burned out.

- Air conditioner developed a problem.

- Some noise coming from front right suspension parts when turning.

General Comments:

I bought this van with 75,000 miles, and it now has 168,000. It has never broken down. Always reliable.

I like the way this van rides. It has a very smooth ride, yet it is responsive to the road. In other words, it's smooth, but it doesn't feel like it is floating aimlessly somewhere off in space.

The driver sits just high enough to get a good view, but not too high, so... You don't need to climb into it.

The style is excellent. A very nice exterior design for a van. Much better looking than Dodge or Ford mini-vans.

It is a good balance of power and efficiency. Strong engine but also over 20 MPG.

Engine and transmission are durable. I have used this van for my roadside assistance business for 2 years. I have pushed about a hundred cars off the highway with no problem. It can even push SUVs and full-size vans easily.

I disagree with others who have said the inside components are "cheap". My van gets a lot of wear & tear and everything has held up inside except the cup-holder. All of the dials and gadgets still work fine after heavy daily use.

Also, in reference to other people who had negative comments... Some of those complaints are just they way all mini-vans are. They cost more to keep than a car, but we also expect them to do more than a car. Maintenance is more frequent and costs are always higher for vans.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2009

25th Sep 2023, 18:17

Thanks and GOD bless!