6th Dec 2006, 10:08

Okay...you all have bad things to say... so any ideas on how to fix them... I am capable of many many things, just need to know from experience what is bad and how others have fixed it...

WINDOW track... need to fix that, slidding door, that too.

I did the head gasket already with success for $100 or so.

13th Nov 2007, 22:36

I disagree with any mechanic shop that tells a person they need a new engine.

A lot of times it isn't worth the shops time to bother fixing the problem with the engine in the vehicle, and then having to redo it if it doesn't work the first time around. I can understand that part of it from a shop that already has enough work to stay busy already anyways.

Too many shops will say "you need an engine" when its not the entire engine that is messed up, but for them to redo just a part of the engine then something else breaks later on and it seems as though the shop is a bad shop.

My little brother needs a van equipped with ramps and special features added to it for him to drive it as he is in a wheelchair. You think you got ripped off on your vans. People are asking $11,000 more for similar vans equipped with power lift ramps and removable front seats, even brand new to get a van equipped with these things is cheaper. Of course he isn't mechanical at all and lives a long distance from me for me to help him anymore than giving him advice on the phone or by messaging/email.

He is also stuck not being able to really perform any work himself so everything that breaks down on whatever he buys will have to be done at a shop :- (

So far I have told him to stay clear of any Dodge caravans or Plymouth voyagers. Now I think I better tell him to stay clear of any Chevy ventures. I drive a GMC safari and my last van was a Chevy Astro, it ran until every peice on it was broken or making noise, but it still ran very dependably, it was just such a peice of junk because of all the little things that broke over the years. Last van was a 1990 astro, now I have a 1997 safari. If you need a "van" that isn't a complete full-sizer I would recommend those models to anyone. the 4.3 engine typically gets 400,000 kms and I've heard of people getting 1 million kms out of the original engines, minus routine stuff such as timing chains and what not I am talking about the main engine itself.

Thanks for tips everyone. count yourselfs blessed you can do any of the repairs yourselves :-)

4th Oct 2010, 11:36

Oh my gosh, I am reading my story about the Chevy Ventures.

We have sunk so much money into this lemon... Everything from windows off tracks to stopping without warning while going down the road. I know dealers look at this web site and are laughing because they knew all this stuff. It's not right. Not another penny, the electrical system in this hunk of junk must have been put in by a total moron.

8th Aug 2011, 18:56

You can buy a new headlight online for $50.00. It is real easy to put in.

25th Jan 2012, 22:20

Have a 98 Venture van (Extended) and although it drives smoothly, car-like if you will, I have noticed it handles a bit squirrelly in a pinch, but stops very well.

The body connector associated with the fuel pump wiring has disintegrated, and caused the fuel pump motor to drop dead.

There's a multitude of problems with rear wipers and power windows, due to the cheap, low quality switches used, plus questionable design issues regarding wiring placement/layout.

Plastic headlight housing issues with moisture problems - seems to me Chevrolet had other things on their mind when designing them.

Also, crispy-crittered bulb sockets and maintenance unfriendly engine tune-up (spark plug issue) make this a somewhat short-term acceptable vehicle (not something you would want to have to keep for a long while).

But finally, the crash safety ratings for the driver and front passenger compartment area look scary (see youtube videos) - it appears the driver's seat is not a great place to be when the roof and floor of the vehicle buckle on medium speed impact testing. This maybe the reason the Venture was replaced by the improved front crash-safety "Uplander" (I 'm guessing) (CM Davis; BS in Mechanical Power Technology).

MORAL OF THIS STORY; You get what you pay for! In this case, a solid engine transaxle (drivetrain), but a vehicle with some poor design features as well.