2000 Chrysler 300M from North America


Love it, Not wild about new 300, would go for Charger instead


Have had the automatic light switch go bad and the lights just come on as off when they wanted too, the rack and pin on the steering, and a couple other things, but they were all under warranty.

Right now I have a wobble in the steering and I do not know why. I have had the tires balanced and rotated on several occasions and it is still there. It might be the place I have had them balanced at, but I have had this problem before, any suggestions?

General Comments:

Car is fast for a sedan and handles like a dream. I whip around a turn and hit the gas before I am halfway through it and the car hugs the road and goes!!! with no complaints from the car or tires.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2006

8th Dec 2008, 01:05

Hi. I currently have a 04 300M special edition and before this car I had a 99 Intrepid ES. They are pretty much the same car as you might know, and I had this issue with both the Intrepid and now my 300M. I had to replace the inner tie rods, which causes a wobble, mainly during freeway driving. It cost me about $430 dollars.

The other thing is the hub bearing, which is common with these cars; it costs about $300- 400 dollars depending where you go and if the part is after market or factory. It could be a balance issue as you mentioned or the tire itself. Have it checked again. If not at the dealer, try Sears auto center, Firestone or, Pep boys. Pep boys is usually the cheapest, Sears being middle priced, and Firestone being the most costly but still less than the dealer. I am sure it's the balance, tie rod, or hub bearing.

2000 Chrysler 300M 3.6 Liter from North America


It's is a crap


I stalled in traffic when waiting a red light.

I could not speed up on highway and had to pull the brake pedal back manually to speed up.

I sometimes lose the idle speed when backing up or put the gear in D gear. After I released the brake pedal, it just doesn't move.

The A/C didn't blow hot air sometimes. The speed gauge didn't work 1 month ago.

The worst one was a sudden loss of the steering wheel when I was exiting the highway. It ended up with a collision to the fence and a costly bodywork.

The best thing was I had my luck and I was not injured and no car was going after me.

General Comments:

It looks good and a lot of people like it. That is why I bought it and didn't expect it is so crappy! That is why it is cheap because all the owners probably just want to get rid of it.

It's a total crap and so unreliable that you could lose your life on it. There is an horrible description on the book, Lemon Aid for the used cars.

I'll Never, Never buy a Chrysler any more! Even Chrysler gives me any one for free, I will NOT take it!!!

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Review Date: 20th October, 2006

2000 Chrysler 300M V6 from North America


Awesome Experience!!



This was the most reliable auto I have ever owned.

I was religious about maintenance and was rewarded by zero problems.

Awesome machine.

General Comments:

Handled like a dream.

Extremely responsive away from stop lights & when passing on the road.

Great sound system.

Comfort second only to a big Cadillac or Buick.

I'm in my 50's but this car made me feel like a teenager again.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2003