18th Mar 2008, 17:46

Talk to me after you put 75000/100000 miles on the car and then let me know how you feel. Very poor engineering indeed and then you couple that with Americans putting the cars together and that's where the failure begins. Union people working for ungodly amounts of money doing jobs I could train my 14 yr. old son to do. This then drives the cost of the vehicle up. WE kill ourselves with greed.

19th Mar 2008, 19:39

In response to the previous comment: Gosh, you sound so unhappy, how unfortunate that your experience has been unpleasant. I posted the original message here & just today, 3/19/08, I had the car serviced. I told them to go over it fully & let me know of anything it needs... TOTAL BILL was $27.89 for oil and lube. (I had a discount coupon) Everything is in top order on the car. PLUS - They could not have been nicer or more prompt. EVEN BETTER - They told me if I wish to extend the current full warranty another 2 years or 95,000 miles-next year, (I currently have 7 year/70,000 mile coverage) it is no problem.

I really have had only great experience with my 300M Special. With the warranty coverage & great service, this will probably be the most trouble free & cost effective car in my lifetime. Oh yeah, I am changing out the 18 inch wheels to 17 inch, & putting on softer riding tires than the Michelin Pilots that came standard... Just too harsh and noisy for my tastes.

Best regards & happy motoring to all!

Christopher B.

17th Apr 2008, 20:00

Hey, glad you like your 300M Special so much! You probably know what a cool car you found. The Special is pretty differnt from the standard 300M, which is a good car also. But it has more of a soft luxury ride and feel to it. You're right that the ride is kind of stiff on the Special. but it sure does handle good.

Great that you are getting such reliabilitiy from your car and from the dealer too. The early models of the 300M had some electrical gremlins, maybe you won't have any trouble with yours. But you still have a warranty, so a very good deal!

23rd Oct 2008, 02:23

The 300m special is a great car. I have the 03 special, which is the same as the 02-04 special models. I have about 89000 miles on it right now.

I actually traded in my 99 Intrepid ES, which is the 300m's sister car by Dodge; the interiors are identical.

On my Intrepid I had to replace the starter once, and the timing belt, tensioner/water pump and the transmission had to be rebuilt at 130,000 miles.

My Intrepid was a great car to me, and didn't give major issues other than the tranny, which could be in part my fault for not changing the fluid. The dealer suggested that it be replaced three oil changes in a row until I finally changed it the fourth time. To be honest I was oblivious of the long term effects of not having it changed. What can I say; at the time I was a senior in high school in 03 and was stupid.

My intrepid had 135,000 miles when I traded it in 07 for the 300. Overall great car; I love the 300m.