2007 Chrysler Cirrus Sedan 2.4L from Mexico


Looks good, nice price, but I had a terrible problem with water inside!


I had a problem and a recall:

1) Water gets into the interior; the floor at the back seat on the driver´s side after a regular rain was filled with water, to my surprise there was half a bucket of water inside the car. I found at least about one gallon worth of rain water, I´m not sure how it got in, but the back seat floor was filled with water. It´s very annoying to clean up and dry dirty water out of the carpet, it's hard work and I was very disappointed that Chrysler couldn't do a better job of sealing the car from water incoming into the interior. I spent 2 evenings cleaning it up, I did my best to dry it, but the car now has a disgusting smell of humidity inside.

2) I got a letter from Chrysler about a recall where they had to replace something related to radiator fans to avoid overheating. So I went to the service, and they installed a new wire running from the radiator fan, and on top of the radiator near the grill. The service employees were very kind and they treat you very well. So far it seems it worked, and the Cirrus doesn't overheat, but I lost about 1 day of my job waiting for the damn car.

General Comments:

The car looks very modern, and inside you feel almost as if you were in a far more expensive luxury car, BUT there´s a big problem with water getting inside. I´m afraid to drive it while it's raining because last time I ended up with one gallon of water inside.

I´m very disappointed at Chrysler, having water all over the floor is such a turn off, and it's a major problem to dry up the carpets.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2008

22nd Aug 2012, 16:29

I'm having the same problem with water, did you solve that problem? If so, how did you solve it?