22nd Jan 2004, 18:21

I'd really like to see a Chrysler Cirrus that made it to 250K with the original engine and tranny. You're living in fantasy world if you believe that. And she said her REPLACEMENT transmission went out in only a year. That's simply a bad design. It obviously has nothing to do with the previous owner!

10th Feb 2004, 11:25

The person that commented that people live in a fantasy world probably doesn't know about cars. I know of a person that owned a dodge shadow. Her son abused the car by driving it like it was a stick shift. He also raced the car. Even though the car was raced and abused. The transmission didn't go out till it hit 168 thousand and change. She got rid of it because the tranny repair was expensive. So you could imagine the next person that got the car. He or she is probably not aware that this car was abused. Do you think that when somebody gets rid of a car that they are going to tell you that they mistreated it. When you find a person that honest, let me know.

10th Feb 2004, 11:34

For the person that says that 250k miles is a fantasy. Did you read the other comments on the reviews for all the cirrus owners. One person commented that there cirrus has 260k miles. I guess this person is fantasizing about there car also.

10th May 2004, 17:40

I am pleased to add comments here about my own experience with 1995 Chrysler Cirrus transmission. Indeed, you buy this car at your own risk, Trust me!!!

I bought my car with less than 90,000 miles on it from a "reputable" dealer in New Brunswick, NJ. On the lot, it was a beautiful driving machine. However, a few miles out, we experience the first problem with the transmission and a call back to the dealer, we were told we bought the car "As Is!!". Now, we are stuck with a lemon and no mechanic seems to know what the problem is. $1000 and more of changes, still no solution.

Here is what happens: During the winter months, the car ran like it should. Boy, since the weather has warmed up, the problem of the gear getting stuck on 2 has increased. We have to stop for the engine to cool before it would run normally, again. That means, every 20 - 30 miles on the freeway and very frequently on a busy traffic. The gear makes some noise and the RPM goes up and immediately the power bleeds down, reducing speed to about 35 miles an hour and no more. It is frustrating to say the least. It is also a potential hazard in traffic.

In short, I have bought my last Chrysler product. Thank you.

17th May 2004, 01:04

Well, I have a 1995 Cirrus LXi with 225K and so far no problems aside from the "normal" rattle in the front end, but that was there since new. Super reliable in any weather, starts even when unplugged at -39C!!

31st May 2004, 18:22

I have a 1995 Cirrus, bought it when it was at 74000km, worked great for the first 3000kms and then it just lost all power. Turned out, ($700 later) that the fuel injectors were clogged, not one, or two, all of them. That's not an easy job to fix, trust me. Especially when no one knows whats wrong with the car. maybe its this, maybe its that, maybe... money money money.

I would not buy another cirrus again. Good luck with yours.

1st Jun 2004, 11:25

Well I guess I found a home for my troubles. My lovely Cirrus has all these problems. The fuel injectors must be clogged because it often bogs out from starts. My transmission dives down to low gear when I'm going over 80km/h and leaves me with the engine running over 6000rpm on the highway, but sometimes it happens in town at much lower speeds. Yes, I've discovered the trick of shutting it off for several minutes and restarting but that doesn't work evertime. At 92000km I'd just like to shut it off for ever! This car is a health hazzard.

Has anyone heard of diagnostic codes that can be read off the dash when you turn the ignition a certain way? I'm looking for more information on this.

30th Jun 2004, 05:50

I bought a 96 Chrysler Cirrus from a used car lot. I had the car for 3 months and then started having problems. The water pump went out. I had to have the water pump, pulley and timing belt replaced too. In doing so they found several other problems with the car. The engine was full of metal chips and had to be replaced and they had to replace the alternator and belt. It's been one thing after the other and now with the new engine the engine runs high and no one can figure out how to set the timing right. I've now been without my car for 6 months. What's next!

10th Sep 2004, 08:07

I recently bought a 95 Cirrus from an individual. Two weeks later I had to have the distributor replaced. The car ran fine for about one week, then started having some major problems. I can be driving down the road at 60 MPH, and the car will just shut off. Numerous times when I start the car, the airbag light and brake light stay on. When this happens, I have no power to the wipers, lights, radio, or windows. I have had to drive the car like that (pretty scary). The next time I start the car, everything works fine. Numerous times, the car will stall. Some times it starts right back up; sometimes it takes a good 20 minutes for it to start. I too believe this is a very dangerous car, and would never own another one. The best place for this car is the junk yard!

30th Nov 2004, 18:52

'95 Cirrus.

I have had a transmission that shifts into limp mode for 6 months now. I've had the car at a transmission specialist, and a Chrysler repair shop 9 times. I've had the shift solenoid replaced, computer replaced, connectors replaced between the computer and the shift solenoid. I've spent $800 so far. Chrysler's suggestion is to replace the wire bundles between the computer and the shift solenoid at a cost of $2200!!! And they are offering no guarantees that this will solve the problem.

The car isn't worth another $2200 in repairs.

Sadly, this is the best looking, best handling car I've ever owned.

3rd Dec 2004, 06:16

I also own a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus, which has had the tranny go bad at 140,000. It's the dreaded limp 2nd gear and torque converter with lock-up switch. The A604 tranny is a piece of junk. It was also installed in the Caravan as well, and my boss's wife has a 1996 with the same tranny problem. This car was purchased from a small independent lot in April of 2001 with not quite 90,000 on it. Since then I have had to rebuild the entire top end of the motor, fuel pump, alternator, starter, it keeps popping fuses, and now the tranny and the distributor have both gone. And yes, there were problems with the cd player as well. I paid $5,000 and have put that and more back into it. For $10,000 imagine the car I could have! I too have purchased my last Daimler Chrysler product!!! Caviet Emptor!!