3rd Nov 2004, 11:24

Yes, I am the proud owner of a 1996 Chrylsler Cirrus as well. I have the same "seems to be" electrical problem. It has happened twice now. Once was when I was going to school the car lost power and stalled. I finally got it restarted and back home. I took it to the machanic and he told me that the test showed some failures, but when he started it back up it ran fine. Now it has done it again and I need to get it fixed, but what is it exactly? Anyone else experience this?

13th Nov 2004, 19:09

Hey I have a 97 Cirrus and have had numerous problems with it. The most recent goes with your problems. I had to get a new computer system in my car. It was stalling all the time and different electric things wouldn't at random times. The big problem came when I found out that 97 was a split year for the computer, half of them had to be "burned" for the car and the other half didn't, of course mine did. the job all together was about $600 and 2 weeks to figure it out. I would not recommend this car to anyone. Now I am have ABS problems and have to get a new system!!!

13th Jan 2005, 21:16

Hi I am also the owner of a 1997 Cirrus. I too am having a problem with the ABS Light always coming on. My brakes are new, so not sure what the problem is. I always use my emergency brake and thought maybe previous owner had not, so I stopped using it and light stopped coming on. Now it's back, not sure what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas?

18th Mar 2005, 11:47

For the ones whose vehicles stall and yet diagnostics comes out clean. Check the fuel pump (its bad), I believe it is located in the gas tank. Mine is 1997 and came to discover that after many mechanics gave up, lost lots of money replacing things which didn't have problem in the first place, and many diagnostics.

Sunny 2005

20th Mar 2005, 23:52

I also have a 1997 Chrysler Cirrus and it turns off on me while I am on the freeway and the check engine light constantly turns on. My big problem is when it turns off, I have taken it to many mechanics, and I have replaced the ERG valve, the O2 valve, my manifold ($600) and it still turns off, while I am slowing down or on the freeway. Can anyone help me???

25th Jul 2006, 23:11

I am working on a friends 1996 Cirrus and it was having problems with accelerating and staying running. The car will idle just fine, but when you get into it the car will hesitate. It doesn't do this all the time. I figured the fuel filter was plugged being that it hasn't been replaced in a long time. The car ran before I changed it and now that I've replaced it the car won't start at all. The fuel is indeed working as I can hear it. Any ideas why the car won't start after simply changing the fuel filter?

7th Nov 2006, 14:38

I own a '97 Cirrus and was having the stalling problem. I took it to multiple mechanics and they had no idea what was wrong. Finally one day my can just completely died and I took it to a new mechanic who had another cirrus with the same stalling problem. It turned out that my car needed a new computer system which cost about $800. Now my car runs great. No more stalling. The other Cirrus was fixed to. From the research that I have done this is pretty much the only serious problem the Cirrus has so if you have one replace the computer, yeah it's expensive, but now my car is perfect.

20th Feb 2007, 21:20

I have a 1997 Cirrus and was having the stalling/cutting off problem. Hated catching a red light. Had to get an 02 valve replaced about a year ago and no other problems.

16th Jul 2008, 22:01

I have a Chrysler Cirrus 1998. It will not start sometimes. It will turn over, but it will not start. It might take a few hours or days to get it running; any ideas?

1st Aug 2008, 19:51

1997 Chrysler Cirrus. Just had the evaporator core replaced. It is under the dash. Guess everything came off. Glove box stuff removed etc. Now my remote started doesn't work right. (not a Chrysler product) But more annoying ever since I picked it up the steering wheel creaks and makes cracking sounds. Also the steering wheel adjustment is hard to work. Haven't called dealer yet. Does anyone know if my problem is related to dash being removed for A/C coil? Barbara D.

18th Nov 2008, 20:43

I have a 1997 Cirrus 2.5L. I have had the EGR valve and solenoid/transducer assembly replaced. I had the distributor, crank position sensor replaced. I'm thinking about changing the leak detection pump to see if the service engine light will stay off.

15th Jan 2010, 12:37

I have a 1996 Chrysler Cirrus. I had many problems with it simply shutting off while I was driving. Or it would chug and lose power, and would hardly have enough power to crawl along.

My ABS light and check engine light were always on, the check engine would sometimes flash codes, and yet no mechanic could figure it out, and it didn't show anything on the diagnostic test. They at first thought it was an electrical problem, then a fuel problem.

I have seen 4 different mechanics, spent $2,000, and have had the fuel filter and pump, distributor cap and rotor replaced, and several sensors replaced.

I finally found someone who thought that it was the actual distributor that was causing the problem. They weren't completely confident that it was the problem, though, because apparently it is rare and didn't make sense. They told me that I could either fix it and take a chance, or deal with the problem. I had it fixed, and I have never had a problem with it again. However, the lights are still on, but they do not show anything on the diagnostic test, and it runs fine.

9th Feb 2010, 17:31

I've had my 1996 Chrysler Cirrus since new... over 190,000 miles now. In that time I've regularly serviced the car, transmission (fluid exchange) and have only changed the plugs once. The car is amazing.

Last year (2009) I had problems with the car cutting out and then refusing to start - after replacing the fuel pump, we finally replaced the distributor and now the car runs fine (almost).

The check engine light is still on and it does do a random (very brief cutout) when the check engine light goes out briefly, but it comes back almost immediately and continues to run. I suspect that the computer needs to be replaced, but I'm thinking that it is time to put her to sleep now, since I can't pass the smog test due to the check engine light being on...

I still get great mileage - 27+ miles to the gallon.

19th Aug 2010, 12:04

My 97 has the same issue. It would stall out at the light right when I was going to accelerate... I took it to a guy that people praised, he was good! What I thought to be the gas pump going bad or a filter being old, I was wrong. He told me that there is a problem with the Oxygen sensor and that it is a common problem with these cars. He was right. 250.00 fix. It's been over a year and I haven't had an issue since.