1990 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Mark Cross 3.3 V6 from North America


A classy, reliable joy to own


I have replaced most regular wear items on this car.

General Comments:

What a great car! I am at 280,000 miles on the original engine and transmission. It is classy, comfortable, and an absolute joy to own. I think the milege alone tells you what kind of longevity these cars have with proper care and love. The paint is starting to go, but I am happily having it repainted in the coming weeks. The vinyl top is still mint! The velour seat have started to show their age, but will be replaced. As long as the frame holds out, I will keep this car on the road.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2002

31st Jul 2003, 16:55


Hello. My name is Tominda, and I've been looking around for any kind of car with wood paneling. I ran into a Mark Cross, and while looking for some reports on the type of vehicle, I came across yours.

As I knew nothing about the vehicle, your report was certainly a blessing. I am very happy to hear that the car has high reliability, and some! I thought your presentation to be very well. So far, your report is the only one I can find, so I am very glad it's a good one!

If you do not mind, I have a few questions about the Mark Cross. The vehicle in question is an 86 Town & Country convertible, with only 66k. It is in showroom condition. I am not concerned about little tears, nicks and the like. My main concern is the engine. I had a VW van break down on me, and it is hard to find parts. I imagine it is greatly difficult to find parts for this car as well. Did you have any engine difficulties or breakdowns with yours? I am leaving for college in another year and need this car to last about 5 years. Do you recommend it for daily use, as well as a few long trips?

I would greatly appreciate your reply if you have the time. Please get back to me at ShEnigma13@aol.com. Thank you again for the report on carsurvey.com!