1988 Chrysler Grand Voyager SE 3.0L V6 from Norway


A very good car for me!!


Hi, my A604 automatic broke down (only reverse function) after trailering a mini digging machine about 2 tons load + the trailer. I changed the automatic oil and had another 30000 km before it was stop. My van is a long edition from US and it had only 4 slings on the oil cooler for the automatic, while my spare part van from Chrysler Canada short edition had 9 slings on the oil cooler, then I understand why at least my van could not take any load.

Would not suddenly start, moved it 2 m and then stop, no spark at coil. Test lamp system showed no digital synchronize signal from the main computer. I changed computer from my Canada version (same engine) started at once.

Variable charging between 12,5 V and 14,35 V. Checked engine wire harness and put on contact fat. function good.

General Comments:

I bought a wreck with defective head gaskets, crashed steering column, no heating due to burglary. So I worked on it for about a month, so went back to "normal". I think the car went very well and I am only waiting find a manual trans-axle, I do not trust the automatic, specially when I need to make some trailer, in holidays + I have to drive a big boat also down to the water, so if someone have a A 543 or even better an A568, I would be more than happy to buy one.

All the best, Jack from Norway.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2009

23rd Oct 2009, 22:09

The tranny problems are typical on those vans, I live in the US and if you're correct about the oil cooler thing, I can see why. I have a '98 FORD WINDSTAR - a minivan that's infamous for major transmission and head gasket issues, as well as "dummy lights" on the dash lit up like Christmas trees.. and MY Windstar has had none of these problems and now has 115k miles (had it since 30k). I looked it up, and found it was built by FORD of CANADA and was brought to the US later. I guess Canada builds better vehicles? Or maybe just certain models they build better.

As for the manual transaxle for an '88 Voyager, it's very hard to find, only came in the VERY basic Caravan model with the 4cyl and no 3rd row seat, which I've seen VERY few left on the road. Not sure how many people ordered those options to begin with, but my uncle once had one, the basic with the manual 4cyl.. and the whole dash caught fire without warning LOL. Off to the scrapper it went. Good luck!