1992 Chrysler Intrepid Not sure Not sure from North America


Very good car if you keep up on regular maintenance!


Well, when I got it it needed a tie rod end, and that was pretty much it. One other thing that happened that was just a cosmetic annoyance was that on the dash dummy lights, the "need more windshield fluid" icon kept coming on, even when it was topped up with fluid. Also, it had no air conditioning and if you rolled down the drivers side window, the window would come off of its track and you would have to hold it in line to get it to roll up again.

General Comments:

It was a wonderful car, very reliable, started easily in the winter (had to keep it plugged in, of course.. but that's just part of winter life in Canada hehe), easy on gas, and a SUPER smooth and quiet ride. It was heavy enough to handle gravel roads and ploughing through snowdrifts when roads were a bit snowy. The steering was good and accurate. The interior was modern looking, roomy, and very comfortable. The body was modern looking for a 1992 (no one could believe I was driving a 1992 model when I told them, because it is such a pretty car), and the paint was good. The "Intrepid" logo on the back was faded, but that was no big deal to me.

It's a shame I rear-ended someone with this car and wrecked it... but another good point, the front end crunched really good and I barely even moved in the event of the accident! I was 7 months pregnant when I rear-ended the person ahead of me in this car, so I was very thankful that it proved to be safe and absorbed most of the shock of impact.

Overall, for buying this car when it had 220,000 km on it, I was very impressed with its performance and reliability. It was above an beyond my expectations, and I really miss driving it.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th August, 2006