3rd Apr 2009, 17:55

I own a 1999 ES that I brought with me to the states. I am now at 210,000KM. Beyond the usual maintenance it has been a good car. The A/C went around 150KM and is a whopping 1200 bucks to fix, given the economy I am going for it to see if it can last a little longer. The A/C issue has been a strain on the engine, making a high pitch whine. I am hoping the new A/C will alleviate.

I have not put major repairs in to it other than the usual brakes, battery alternator etc. Having a hard time getting a local mechanic to help me out on recent repairs though. The body is great and shows very little rust.

27th May 2009, 01:27

I owned a 1998 Intrepid ES and I loved this car! I bought it in 2000 with approx 40000 kms on it.

This car did not give me any problems at all during the first 6 yrs! The only repairs I had to do was an alternator, brakes and a ball joint at around 140,000 km. Very minor expenses for a luxurious and powerful car!

Plowed through the snow like a truck! A/C still worked COLD!! There was always an electrical sort of problem where the lights would dim and flicker for no reason. This came and went just as fast, but I never knew why.

My beloved Intrepid was totaled in an accident 2 weeks ago at 160,000 km's, and it was a sad day when they told me it was a write-off! I am still wondering if I should have fixed it for the extra $1000 it would have cost me (value was @ $3000). I know I will never find a car as reliable and lovely! There was no rust on the car at 11 yrs!!! Now where am I going to find a replacement for that???!!!