10th Dec 2002, 09:21

Hi, I'm having difficulty with an 89 Le Baron I just purchased for $1000.00, I expected some problems, but not the serious ones that have developed. The car stalls after warm up, it seems I have to pump the gas about 50 times then it's good for another 5 miles or so, I believe it's the fuel pump, but have no idea where it's located or if it's something I can replace myself, also, last night the wiper motor conked out, is it difficult to replace? Any suggestions where I might find a web site that offers the electrical wiring diagram? Thanks for any and all suggestions that you might offer. Jim.

22nd Jan 2003, 14:44

Hi I'm having trouble trying to find a new roof for a 87 LeBaron in a Houston area if you got one send me a E-mail me at jb_harris_2000@yahoo.com.

20th Apr 2003, 01:17

I'm 16, and this is my first car. It's a 1989 LeBaron GT Convertible "fully loaded" leather, power everything, CD player.

I've had this car for about 3 months now, and haven't driven it too bad, but just last week the power steering went out, the belts started squeaking, and the transmission went out. I'm going to have to spend about $1000 to get it fixed, and the car was only originally bought for $1,800, I'm upset, but this car only has to last me until the end of the summer.

20th Apr 2003, 21:41

Don't fix it. Another used car could pay for itself. I suggest you go to a used car lot, find a DIFFERENT brand of a car you like and take it to a mechanic to inspect it.

28th May 2003, 11:03

I have an 89 plain Jane LeBaron coupe with the GT motor.

My brother bought it for $350 with a cracked head, and the guy he bought it from gave him the new head with it. He drove it for about 3 weeks with the new head, and it blew up on him one night. Now I know my brother beat the crap out of that car.

What we found when we looked at it, there was oil going into the breather (air filter). We pulled the head off, and found a blown head gasket, and #2 piston had welded itself to the wall and chewed the crap out of it, so it was smoking real bad, and a rebuild kit was $700 (not worth it).

So I have the car now, and I have a motor from 85 New Yorker. I have yet to put in it, but it will be soon if that one blows. Also I have a VTEC motor that I will put in it. I will have to do motor mount mods, but it's worth it for a fast LeBaron.

5 people in a LeBaron? Yeah right, that's crap.

20th Oct 2003, 11:37

I am 16 and for my first car I got a 84 Chrysler Lebaron convertible. I got it for free from my neighbor. It needs new CVC shafts because I blew them out by burning out. I also need a new top, a new paint job, a CD player, and some kind of rims. It is faster than people think. It has power windows, power locks, a power top, digital dash, leather seats, etc.

17th Jun 2005, 19:27

My son has a 1989 Chrysler Lebaron GTC. The passenger side wiper works, but not the driver side. Any Ideas, is this expensive to fix? We do not have any knowledge about cars and do not know where to go with this. Thanks Valerie.

24th May 2006, 07:13

Its probably the splines on the drivers side shaft are worn down. Just take off the wiper and look at the ridges. if they are chewed up. Head to the junkyard and get a new one. easy fix!

6th Jun 2006, 00:08

I've got a Lebaron Coupe with the Turbo 2.5 motor, and it's been a real joy to own. Sure, it's had it's problems, but nothing out of the ordinary maintenance. If you make sure everything is flushed, changed, and properly tuned, you have no need to worry on these cars.

3rd Aug 2006, 17:21

I have an 89 LeBaron convertible.

Everything is power. The driver's side window has been jammed forward a bit, and I think it is just off its track. It still goes up and down, but I worry that it would let rain in.

Also, the headlight covers do not work. They are stuck down. I can hear their motor working, but they don't go up all the way. Any advice? Thanks.

Other than the minor things, it is a great car and definitely worth what I paid for it.

6th Aug 2006, 20:28

Headlight doors are no big deal if you can hear the motors running. It is a simple bushing repair. You can get these on Ebay for a couple of bucks and invest a few hours to save big.

20th Mar 2007, 20:28

I have owned a 88 LeBaron convertible for just over a year and a half I paid $500 for it and yes it needed some things, but I haven't spent over $1000 on it. I now own a 89 2.5 turbo LeBaron as well. Now you have to remember these are 17-18-19 year old cars you can't complain about little thing's that go wrong with them. I plan on having my car for a very long time. The turbo LeBaron's can be extremely fast cars as well as pretty reliable and parts are very cheap. I paid $1200 for my turbo LeBaron and beat much more expensive cars such as 5.0 mustangs with ease.

23rd Mar 2007, 19:14

We have 1989 Lebaron no turbo and we also are having trouble with the headlight doors staying open and the top is slow to come up to close. I was wondering how to find these bushing part on e-bay for the lights? Also could our top motor need fluid and where do you fill it and with what type of fluid?



27th Jul 2007, 23:27

A couple years ago, I restored a 89 Turbo convertible for my wife. The car runs great, but the steering is stiff and the turning radius is worse than my full size Lexus. Any ideas out there? Has anyone else seen this problem out there?