22nd Mar 2009, 19:08

I bought my '87 Le baron coupe 2 months ago.

The car has only 90,000 Km's on the digital clock, a 2.2 L Turbo, auto. The interior is really nice and original with very little wear!

The car appears to have very few owners (maybe 2), drives real good and feels quite firm/tight.

Seems to have all the bells and whistles according to the Owners Handbook.

Quite frankly I'm impressed and the car has a lot of charisma!

Paint is sun burnt in places (light metallic bronze).

I intend putting my 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 into storage and drive the wee car.

Oh by the way, like some of you other owners I had to very quickly replace the fuel lines under the hood... fuel everywhere!

14th Feb 2010, 22:04

One day about 20 years ago, I was off on a contract job, and when I finally came back home, I looked in the garage for my 1976 Fiat, which was not there. Instead, a beautiful 1987 2.2 liter Turbo Chrysler LeBaron Sedan was there. My wife, whom I thought knew nothing about cars had bought it from the local Chrysler Dealer along with an extended warranty in my absence. I liked the car so much that I decided to better her and bought a really beautiful 1988 Chrysler TC Maserati, which was also a 4-cylinder Turbo and ran like a bomb. Unfortunately, I crashed it and totaled it in Mobile, Alabama.

The one my wife bought is still operating at 100% satisfaction. It's very well worth it, and quite soon I'm having it completely repainted with the exact same color it came from the factory with (which it still has). There are no dings or dents, so it will be in original factory condition. It still runs like a new car and it will very soon look like one too! I'm keeping it in my own possession forever.