1995 Chrysler LHS 3.5 from North America


It would be a great car if it would just run.


We bought the car for $395.00 with a broken timing belt caused by a bad water pump we had a new water pump and timing belt already in our garage. When we replaced the timing belt we also replaced the timing gears because the had melted rubber on them from the old timing belt.

After we got the car running the same night we bought it, we took it out and drove it, it ran fine, then after a few days it started miss/hesitate during acceleration and at idle, however, this is not a constant problem because every so often it will run fine, but not for long. We replaced the MAP sensor and Oxygen sensor, did not work. We took it to a dealer they told us that when we took our cam gears of it messed up our timing so we had that fixed, but we still have the problem. We put new plugs and wires on it and unhooked the negative side of the battery cable then hooked it back up, still had the problem.

If you have any ideas as to what our problem could be please leave a comment.

General Comments:

The car its self is in great shape and rides great. It has the most comfortable seats, there are not any worn spots on them. The A/C and heat work great. The only thing that does not work is the screen on the CD player.

I would recommend this car to any one because when they are running they are great. This is our first one of these cars although we have owned two Eagle Visions which are the same thing. One of the Eagles just had a 3.3 engine and the other has a 3.5 engine we still have this one.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2005

2nd Dec 2009, 17:10

1. The timing belt did break; check for bent valves

2. Check for clogged fuel injectors

3. Check coil pack for internal arcing or miss firing

4. If the water pump was bad while driving, check for moisture in the crank case, which would then travel to the exhaust system clogging the converter, which would then cause overheating and engine failure.

1995 Chrysler LHS 3.5 from North America


Great luxury automobile for the price


Tie rod's have replaced at 230000 ks.

Transmission replaced at 235000.

Power antenna stopped operating at 210000 ks.

Water pump replaced at 180000 ks.

General Comments:

Beautiful looking car that still looks great beside todays new models.

Comfort level is second to none.

The infinity stereo system is the best stock stereo I have ever heard.

Lots of room. Great comfort for 6 people.

Super smooth on the highway.

Super sized trunk.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2004

1995 Chrysler LHS 3.5L from North America


Luxurious hunk of s**t


The Air Conditioning system is gone. No idea whats wrong with it.

Front end is terrible to keep in good shape.

Withing the last year or so tie rods have been replaced.

Several bushings have worn out.

Infinity sound system was great until it broke. Rubber Spring under the buttons collapsed. Now it doesn't work.

Power Antenna is ceased in the upright position.

Struts have been replaced withing the past 2 weeks.

Catalytic Converter has been replaced withing the last year.

$300 worth of work to pass the emissions test.

General Comments:

When its all cleaned up and waxed, it is an extremely sexy car.

It is a dark forest green with deep tint windows and alloy wheels (which are a b***h to keep clean because of all the tiny holes)

Tons of power, 215 hp.

Great shifting despite Chrysler's transmission problems in the past.

Leather seats are extremely comfortable especially on long trips.

Infinity sound system was amazing, clear and crisp.

Tons of driver and rear passenger leg room.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2004

1st Sep 2004, 19:23

Same experience with a 1995 Chrysler LHS. Truly a piece of junk, the scary issue was it was a $28,000 car, the top of their line. My first (and last) Chrysler. Truly sorry I tried their best! Lost the water pump (and a timing belt while the mechanic was in there). Also replaced the A/C compressor TWICE! (serviced by a Chrysler dealership!), power steering, map sensor (included tow bill). 80,000 miles and 5 years old. Since then the Infinity display blacked out, crankshaft sensor dropped out, and now the electrical has gone South.

Best looking piece of junk ever produced!