2000 Chrysler LHS Reviews

2000 Chrysler LHS 3.5 from North America

Year of manufacture2000
First year of ownership2005
Most recent year of ownership2010
Engine and transmission 3.5 Automatic
Distance when acquired60000 miles
Most recent distance120000 miles
Previous carChrysler Dynasty


Super, they never should have made the 300!


The power steering lines had to be replaced, but it was the fault of the State of Maine, and what they put on the winter roads.

General Comments:

This car has been a great car to drive and own. It isn't cheap to get it fixed, but it is a top of the line car too. It handles great and has a lot of power.

I'm a big guy and it fits, it is a little hard to exit, but the ride is worth the trouble.

The truck holds more stuff than I could have believed. I can put a 10' board in the car without a problem. The 300 is a faint copy at best.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2010

2000 Chrysler LHS 3.5L from North America

Model year2000
Year of manufacture1999
First year of ownership2007
Most recent year of ownership2009
Engine and transmission 3.5L Automatic
Distance when acquired225000 kilometres
Most recent distance225000 kilometres


Excellent, but needs to network with the automotive world


Car looks & runs great, but can't find used parts, eg. left front headlight. North America has zero.

P. S New is very expensive.

General Comments:

Car rocks, but is a no show, when it comes to finding used parts, or affording to buy new.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2009

2000 Chrysler LHS 3.5L from North America

Model year2000
Year of manufacture1999
First year of ownership2001
Most recent year of ownership2009
Engine and transmission 3.5L Automatic
Performance marks 10 / 10
Reliability marks 8 / 10
Comfort marks 10 / 10
Dealer Service marks 5 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 8 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
8.2 / 10
Distance when acquired28000 miles
Most recent distance102000 miles
Previous carChrysler Honda CR-V


The LHS is/was a very good car. I would buy another one


Front struts were replaced at 101,000 miles. Sway bar end links were also replaced at the same time. I replaced the struts and links myself. I started with the struts, but found that it was actually the links causing the "clunking" sound. Both dramatically improved the handling to what I remembered it being when we got it. Both front wheel bearings have been replaced. One was bad and the other was changed to appease my conscience. Again, I did the work myself.

I have peeled the shrinking plastic from off the weather stripping around the doors, and reused the black part underneath to solve the shrinking weatherstripping issue. I could not see buying new only to have it happen again.

I have re-glued the foam in the speakers using a repair technique used on home speakers, and it has worked every time.

I have replaced the heater core and A/C evaporator core at 101,000 miles. I did the heater core only because I was that far into the dash to replace the evaporator on the A/C. The evaporator core had leaked for over two years, but the replacement works like a charm. It gets cold enough now to "hang meat."

I have used the headlight repair kit to get rid of the faded lens look. It worked good enough that I haven't replaced the lens - yet. The weatherstripping around the headlights is gone and I can't find a good replacement.

I'm on my second set of replacement tires. I used Continental Conti-Trac tires which were excellent tires. I got them for $100/each at The TireRack in Shreveport, LA. I replaced them with Goodrich tires from SAMS, and I have been equally pleased with these tires. I did have trouble with the Continentals going down on me, but I haven't had that trouble with the Goodrich tires. SAMS really cleaned the rims well before installing the tires.

I have replaced the electric lock on the back door on the driver's side ($75 from an online dealer).

I have glued the windshield cowling down with windshield sealant and it stays. I just replaced a broken door glass mount ($10 dealer) and got the window working up and down again. I would suggest checking the adjustment on the regulators to make sure they track right.

I have to agree that the finish leaves something to be desired. It comes off with the slightest little nick.

General Comments:

The car was a vast improvement over the Honda CR-V. It is a nice, big car that gets decent gas mileage - better than the CR-V it replaced. The cabin is comfortable and roomy. Then engine still pulls hard. It is still a joy to drive. I miss a few things that the CR-V offered, most notably the driving height. However, I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee ('92 model with over 200,000 miles on it) that satisfies the sitting high need.

This is the first American car I have had in a long time. The last one was a Chevy Beretta. It was a good car, but something kept going out during our annual Thanksgiving trek home to family, so we got rid of it and went back to Honda. I have been a Honda or Toyota man all my life. I have to say this Chrysler made me feel good owning an American car - albeit by way of Canada.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2009

Average review marks: 7.7 / 10, based on 12 reviews