28th Jul 2002, 21:23

My family had a 1996 LHS. That is the reason I have trouble recommending a Mopar product to people. The car had its air-conditioning fixed 4 times (first under warranty, 2 and 3 we paid for, and the 4th went the first time the VW dealer turned on the car after we bought our Passat) and the thing overheated twice, although I forget why. These cars DO have reliability problems and would never suggest one to anybody. And to the Eagle owner, remember that AMC Eagles were great cars, then Chrysler took the name and made crappy cars out of it.

16th Sep 2002, 18:38

Well, we have had our 1994 LHS for 4 years and I must to admit it is a piece of junk for sure. We're having to replace the cooling fan, ball joints, transmission, and wiring harness that goes to the MAP sensor all at one time. That's not including what we have already replaced on it. With all that money I could have bought a new car! To anyone looking to buy an LHS, go look at a newer model such as a 2000.

12th May 2003, 12:17

...and I thought it was only me who purchased a lemon LHS! We put over $8,000 into our 1996 LHS last year. The transmission went bad, just like the Concorde we had before this car, and we had a year's worth of overheating problems, that we just couldn't get the Chrysler service department to acknowledge. In the end, the head cracked, and we had to replace everything related to the cooling system...urgh. Next time, I'm buying Ford!!

9th Oct 2003, 22:15

Actually, our 1994 LHS is a nice car. I was taken by its beauty when I first saw it. It gave us very good service up to about 160,000. Then we were beset with the failure of the AC system. This was completely redone for about $600. I had to replace the compressor in just over a year. (what timing!) Then I figured out the smoke that smelled like rubber burning was the harness that fused together at the rear of the engine under the plenum (sp?). However, like everyone else, the diagnosis for the intermittent poor shifting of the transmission that came along at about 185,000 miles was the solenoid pack in the trans case. Also a short is intermittently causing the #3 injector to not open so the motor misfires. All in all, the car would be great if not for the electronics poor design. One last thought, I am 6'2" and long waisted. My head rubs the top of the car unless I really slouch sufficiently. Buy another? Very doubtful, thank you.

15th Nov 2003, 12:59

We have owned a 1994 LHS for the last 5 years. We have had many of the same problems the above posters have mentioned. Mostly we just dealt with them and figured, oh well, cars always cost money to upkeep, and we just made a poor choice in buying our LHS.

However, two weeks ago a bolt on the rack and pinion steering failed (sheared off?), and the car was without steering. I don’t mean ‘power’ steering, I mean steering –ALL steering. It took about 24 hours to sink in that someone could have been killed. Luckily, the failure occurred as the car was entering a parking lot at low speed.

Here is the kicker. When I called Chrysler to complain – thinking that this is a valid safety concern, they hung up on me. I did call back and ask to talk to a supervisor to discuss the hang up, and I was told that supervisors don’t talk to customers.

We just bought a Toyota.

15th Nov 2003, 13:18

Let's face it: Chrysler's are JUNK!!!


25th Nov 2003, 19:52

Well, here is another nay-say to the Chrysler name.

We owned a '94 New Yorker (LHS minus a couple things) and boy was it a pile of junk... I agree with most of the above statements, with a few more problems to list.

The car was purchased with 76k on it, and the AC died the minute, literally, the minute we drove it from the dealer lot. Took a lot of effort to get it fixed, and when it finally started to work, the compressor whined loudly while engaged. Turns out the NEW unit had a bearing failure. What quality, eh?

After that the driver's side seat wouldn't recline, but the rest of the seat would move. Plus, the lumbar adjuster broke, leaving it in the 'out' position making it hard on certain backs on long trips.

Here is the killer problem... While on a trip, the ball joints crack, but we didn't know until there was a definite clunking noise when you hit the brakes and as soon as you would begin to accelerate. After it was serviced, the car began to jerk badly at low speeds, around 35-45mph, so we thought that it was the transmission. We had it inspected and it was fine, and the transmission shop told us to go to the Chrysler dealer. We then learned that the upper intake manifold was warping and there was significant blow-by, causing the engine to miss horribly. (all this at approx. 110k)

When we traded it for our new van, we learned that the steering rack was ready to fall off...

93-97 Chryslers ARE JUNK!!! Don't BUY ONE.

4th Feb 2006, 19:28

I don't know about trading your '94 LHS. If it has 300,000 miles then you won't get any trade-in value for it anyway, and it appears to be proving itself to be one of those gems where everything went together right. I would suggest continuing to drive it at least until the next big (e.g. $1,000) repair comes up, and then you can safely junk it with the knowledge that you've gotten all that you can reasonably get out of it. That makes a lot more sense than giving away a car that is running well in order to take on a new loan.

26th Mar 2006, 09:59

I have a 1997 LHS with 110,000 Miles.. I have owned it for about a year now and have done nothing, but drive it.. (With the exception of regular oil changes, and a new battery) For 3 GRAND it is a real nice luxury car that rides excellent, and gets great gas mileage!

6th Jun 2006, 22:15

The comments about the fellow with the "New Yorker". It seems his car fell apart from the time he bought it. I have just this to say about that particular car. Someone sold the car because it was not taken care of and it was a hunk of junk from neglect. I work with cars all the time and I am most definitely going to be purchasing a 1996 Chrysler LHS, I know the full service history of the car. And like any car it has had it's share of problems. BTW if the fellow had only done some homework he would have found out that all the "LH" cars had problems with the A/C compressor.

As with all used cars, do some research and don't just buy the first car you see... Shop around and find the right one.


17th Jun 2006, 20:05

I also own a 1994 LHS. Not too many problems. I am 2nd owner. 1st owner was Father-in-law, so knew car was in good shape. Transmission had to be rebuilt. Needed upper ty-rod ends also. I just went ahead and added new struts and shocks at that time. The major problem right now is, that the A/C has quit. I have recharged, and replaced o-rings, unit will hold a vacuum, but gas leaks out under pressure. Sniffer will not pick up anything.

Would like to check the evaporator, but do not have any instructions on removing dash or how to get into the thing. Any help here would be appreciated.