10th Feb 2003, 15:45

I have the same problem with the radio, no display. A guy in Florida charges $100 if you pay shipping to fix it vs. buying a new one. My antenna is also doing the same thing.. replaced it and now it grinds going up or down. Just had the transmission replaced.

Right now, it's cutting off as I'm driving down the road, even after it's warmed up.. any clues?


29th Oct 2003, 20:47

To the comment before this one. the engine cutting out while you are driving is probably the cam sensor which is a $50 part that you can easily change yourself. its just behind the belt on the top of the timing belt cover.

I hope this is helpful...

29th Jul 2004, 18:58

Like all others before me, my 1994 LHS has transmission problems. Started at 65000km, not fixed yet and at 212000km. The front steering bushings have gone, but only after 210000km. Fuel pump has to be changed very soon, expensive, but easy to change compared to the last one I did.

Love the car for the most part, still classy after 10 years.

6th Aug 2004, 08:33

I bought a used 1994 LHS 5 years ago with 55,000 miles. Now has 134,000. Classy looking, roomy car that rides nice, but has it's share of problems. Thankfully I've had a dependable mechanic. Looking to replace soon as the repair costs are starting to add up.


-Brakes seem to wear out quicker than other cars and make a lot of noise.

-Front suspension noise when cold and backing

-Sun roof motor replaced and inoperable again

-Wiper fluid light stays on

-ABS and traction light are on more than off

-Check engine light is always on

-A/C compressor went out at 105,000

-Timing belt/water pump has had to be replaced twice

-turn signals and dash lights will not work unless emergency flasher button is depressed

-currently experiencing bad shimmy on acceleration at 55-60 MPH. Fine at other speeds.

Enjoyed driving the car and was able to keep it running, but I think I paid for the mechanic's kids college education with the money I've invested. Without A/C and sunroof, not as comfortable to drive during midwest summers.

17th Mar 2005, 07:29

To the last submission:

Re: the shimmy... check out what gas you are getting and keep fuel filter changed. Don't let gas amount get to low in the tank, this will cause water build-up, not good in Midwest. Also check out the O2 sensors (two-three).This can be done at AutoZone for free... Just had them replaced and now a new trans..Washer light is starting to come on. Don't wait the 100,000 miles for platinum plugs. NOT RELIABLE. and ask to see your old ones when replaced. We had a dealership get sneaky and just do maintenance not replace (but charge for it) Outside od getting everything fixed, I am still having a rough idle in gear @redlight.Possible camshaft???

30th Jan 2006, 16:35

I also own a 1994 LHS. It is now over 200000 miles with the original engine and transmission. It is the most reliable and beautiful vehicle if you can drive and maintain it properly. I flush transmission every 40000 and change engine oil every 3500-4ooo. and oil spray the body every year. I feel that, the way I do, this car will last easily another 200000 without any major problem. I also own a 1998 Breeze and 1997 Caravan they are also trouble free nice cars.

20th Jul 2006, 13:09

Does anyone know what causes the speedometer and the computer to stop working? I'm thinking that it may be from a blown fuse. Let me know if you are having the same problem.

10th Dec 2006, 10:54

I have a 1994 Chrysler LHS. The transmission has been replaced. It was overheating. I replaced the thermostat. That did not help. Was told it was freeze plugs. Then when I went to pick it up car, it would not start and I was told it it was relays. Got the car back and it rides real rough, and the radio does not work or the speedometer. Checked the fuses and they appear to be fine.

Please help me...

23rd Jul 2009, 22:31

I own a 94 Chrysler LHS, love my car, but lately have had a problem with the transmission periodically getting stuck in like second gear. It does this every now and then not all the time. When it does I simply put the car in neutral, cut the engine off and restart it, and it runs fine for a while, sometimes days or weeks before it occurs again. I was told it may be electrical, possibly transmission sensors. Could that be true? sincerely, Confused.