2nd Oct 2003, 05:56

I have a 1997 Chrysler LHS with 123,000 + miles. I bought it 1 year old. It was a rental car from Chrysler's rental car company. I have had quite a few problems. I am going to have to replace the inner tie rod end bushings for the 2nd time. The 1st was at 60,000 miles. I like the car and it rides good on the highway, but my main complaint is not being able to find anyone who can work on the car and fix it the 1st time. Some mechanics will not even touch a Chrysler product. If Chrysler will not address the problem, then I will have to switch to another manufacturer.

It doesn't seem too much to ask to have knowledgeable people to be able to fix problems with your car, especially at the dealership where you purchased it.

9th Oct 2003, 12:10

My transmission failed me also, but at 160,000 miles. The starter fails every now and again and that is about all of the problems that I have had. It is a really nice car and accelerates than most other cars smaller than it. Chrysler and their dealerships are real sticklers for having poor service. The local one has yanked me around so much that we refuse to go to them for anything for ever. Chrysler really needs quality control not only on service, but their cheaply made parts as well.

24th Oct 2003, 21:42

My 1994 Chrysler LHS has 115,000 miles. The last couple of years have had on again and off again problems with the A/C. It will operate fine for several weeks after each time the problem is supposedly solved. The last occurrence was a couple of months ago. I'm deathly afraid of dealerships so have a local independent garage service the car. Their last attempt at it was their last as they couldn't perform what needed to be done because it required Chrysler soft ware to look deeper into the problem. Chrysler does not share their software as other manufactures do. They recommended a Dodge dealership that they were friendly with. After 3 hours of labor they thought they had it solved. Now a month later it is back doing the same thing it originally did a couple of years ago. I'm taking the car back again in a couple of days to give them another chance. This is not only the major problem I've had with this car, unless this problem gets fixed this time, I'll be looking for another car and doubt it will be a Chrysler product.

4th Mar 2005, 18:36

I had a Dodge Intrepid which is basically an LHS. I have had the same problems everyone else has had. I had the tranny rebuilt twice. Air conditioning problems, fan relay went out, water pump failed, etc etc.. I know some of these things are normal for cars, but not under 100,000 miles and not occurring as regularly as they do with Chrysler. It just isn't an Intrepid or an LHS, this happens on every Dodge/Chrysler that I know of. Chrysler and Dodge just are not worth owning. The best thing any of you can do is just sell them and go with GM or a foreign car. I never thought I would say it, but buy a Japanese car. They will last forever and never give you problems and the resale is much better. This is coming from a big Chevy and Pontiac enthusiast.

7th Oct 2006, 14:36

I have a Chrysler LHS. I bought it for $1,000 and it has a newer engine with 57,000 miles. On the mileage it has 179,654 miles. It runs great.

I had to get my gas line hooked up to the engine because it smelled like gas in the car - very bad, and I got it fixed for $20.00. And I had to get a transmission mount for $149.99.

My rod in the back left of the car that holds the wheel in place broke, and that cost $300.00. All I have to get fixed is the windshield washer line, because it has a hole in it. Other than that, you can't beat it for a price like that. I've been driving Chrysler, and Dodge for 19 years.

19th Nov 2006, 15:35

We own a 95 Chrysler LHS. Bought it last summer for 1200.00 from a Taxi Company. It has over 500,00 km on it and we've only had to replace rad cap and because it leaks trannie fluid, we top that up occasionally. Just last week however, the water pump went and when calling around about repairs to this, we were told it would cost $500-1000 to repair. Does any one know if this is easy to work on?