4th Mar 2005, 18:54

I would just sell it.

It costs $100 to flush the tranny every time. My fiance has an 89 Honda Accord that has never had a tranny flush, was bone dry of oil, never had a tune up or tranny fluid added. It had a 178,000 miles when I met her and fixed all the above for her and this car has never had any problems. Of course it ran better with oil and a tune up, but this thing has over 200,000 and just keeps going. For the amount that you use to fix your next two transmissions on a Chrysler ($1500), you could buy another more reliable car that will never give you problems. If you spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle, it should be reliable and not give you problems.

Just look at the reviews in this site for Grand Prixs, Accords, and Camrys. You will not see near as many problems. Yes there will be a lemon now and then, but at least not every car is a lemon. There is not a review on a Chrysler product that does not say something about tranny problems or/and numerous other problems. CHRYSLER MAKES THROW AWAY CARS.

2nd Dec 2005, 04:33

I owned a 94 LHS and had a laundry list of problems. I bought the car new in Ann Arbor Michigan. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, such was the quality of the ride. At around 50,000 miles, the A/C compressor went out. I had it fixed under extended warranty. It worked fine for awhile then it died again. at 61,000 miles, the lumbar support mechanism broke in the out position (which for me was okay as I have a slight spine curvature).

At 69,000 miles, the thermostat gave up and caused the engine block to crack which resulted in me having to pay for a rebuilt engine. At 75,000 miles, the seat back frame broke and I had to get it repaired (found out later, that was a recall item). Around this time, I had the transmission fixed for the first of 4 more times to come. Through out the life of the car, I had to have the brake rotors either turned or replaced 3 times.

My tortured steed finally came to its rest at 215,000 miles when as I was pulling out of the repair shop after having replaced the front right ball joint and tie rod mechanism, the transmission died again. I had it towed to my house and 2 days later took it to the junk yard.

It was a beautiful riding car when it was working right, but the cost of ownership is very high. I recommend to anyone to stay away from used Chrysler products. By the way, I have had 4 Chrysler vehicles and they all have issues after awhile, that's why my last 2 cars have been Fords.