1987 Chrysler New Yorker Generation I 2.2L turbo from North America


I love my New Yorker


My grandmother had it before me; here are some of the repairs on the dealer receipts:

Paint defect (oxidation) about 3 years in the car was also kept in a carport.

1st head gasket at about 26,000.

1st attempt at fixing a fuel delivery problem at about 30,000.

Left side drive axle.

Front motor mount.

After 16 years of complaints about the fuel delivery the car was finally taken to a competent local mechanic (not dealer), car was getting sub 14mpg, the mechanic changed the computer that controlled the fuel delivery and all that other good stuff, car got about 20mpg.

Since I got the car in 2003:

1st day I almost killed myself; I brought the car home from MA with no problems, I drove about 2 hours down to my house on the coast of CT. my grandfather just got the car back from the dealership. They looked over the car "thoroughly" and replace a few hoses. When I got home the car sat for about 10 min, I started the car to go to the store and I smelled gas. I immediately shut down the engine. Turned out the dealership did not tighten the fuel line to the fuel rail. it was spraying on the hot turbo. I tightened the fitting and it was fine.

Head gasket #2 blew within a week I installed a new one with aluminum rings to seal the cylinders better. Car got 24mpg.

I re-covered the headliner.

I was also wondering why my fire equipment was always wet. Turned out the trunk was leaking, got some fiberglass and fixed it right up.

About a week ago the car started running funny on me, I threw some fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank and drove to school the next day. The car never made it. On the way to school the cars #2 and 3 cylinders stopped firing, the car also overheated. I tried too keeping myself optimistic and I talked too many people and did many tests, but while doing a compression test the #2 and 3 cylinders spit out coolant when I purged the tool. I think this time it is a lot more serious than the head gasket.

General Comments:

I don’t believe the problems I have had with the car were a result of my driving style or Chrysler its self. Over half of the problems reported with the car on the dealer receipts were repeats, some 5 or 6 times. The dealership the car was brought to was incompetent and did not accurately diagnose the problems. When I replaced the head gasket in my driveway, I also replaced about $100 in belts and hoses that were seriously decayed. I was in awe at the poor condition the hoses and belts were in. I replaced about 5 vacuum lines that were so brittle that they broke In about 10 places when I lifted the head 6 inches above the block. One vacuum line had electrical tape covering a crack. I also found large holes in the axle boots.

When changing my snow tires off the car at the end of the season I took a look at my brake rotors. The dealership also did a “brake job” before I picked the car up from my grandfather’s house. I found the rotors seriously decayed from the Massachusetts salt. I also saw that I had less than 1/16 thick of an inch of rotor material left in some spots, before my brakes wore into the cooling louvers between the two surfaces. This would have definitely ruined the front end of the car.

The only complaint I have about the car is the weakness of the head. I believe this is the problem with my car currently. At this point I am reluctant to fix it due to the price of the parts needed (about $700), and the poor service the car got in the past. I seriously believe this car would have lasted another 100,000 miles if it was properly maintained.

I am absolutely in love with this car and it breaks my heart to see it sitting in my driveway.

I would highly recommend this car to anyone looking for the luxury of a caddy or Lincoln this is a good alternative. I have friends with BMW’s, Mercedes Benz’s, Audi’s … and I have heard from almost every one of them that has sat in my car that it has the most comfortable seats they have ever sat in.

My grandfather bought this car for my grandmother. At the time It cost about $14,000, the car had almost every option in it, even the voice alerts (why don’t they make that anymore?). I am currently about to buy an almost identical 87 New Yorker, I strongly believe in Chrysler the motto “drive equals love.”

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Review Date: 8th November, 2004

10th Jun 2008, 22:44

I have a 1987 New Yorker and it sucks gas real bad.. Tuned it up and everything, to no avail. Just a bad motor, the 2.2L engines are just not very good motors I think.

The best mileage we ever got was 20 mpg highway, and now it is lucky to get 14.

8th Jan 2012, 17:36

We have an 1987 Chrysler New Yorker with the same problem.

My husband is calling them marker lights. The ones on the rear doors have burnt out and he cannot find out how to replace them. Can you help?

25th Feb 2017, 05:29

No, it's never your fault!

Problems always come down to either the incompetence or malfeasance of some larger faceless entity or institution. Always.

1987 Chrysler New Yorker 2.5 EFI from North America


A Mechanic's Dream!


120 K - Replaced headlight (first day) - it was supposed to be brand new!

121K - Replaced catalytic converter (it was clogged - no source of clog).

122K - Replaced timing belt, radiator, electronic fuel injector.

125K - Power steering pump started to leak.

127K - MAP sensor died (it controls the amount of gas flow to the engine while in the city).

128K - Couldn't drive over 25 miles per hour.

129K - Would not start (went to the store, came out and it was dead).

General Comments:

This was a very nice riding car. I love the plush seats and it had many features.

The car was very nice, but very expensive to keep running, but of course when I bought it there were already many problems.

This car really spoiled me and I won't just settle for anything!

I loved this car while it worked especially since it talks and only cost me $500US!

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Review Date: 5th November, 2002

4th Aug 2004, 14:27

I'm considering buying a 1985 New Yorker for $500. But when the car is coming out of first it makes a rubbing noise, then it disappears after second gear. I hope its not a huge problem, cause I look forward to driving it. It's got 172k miles on it, and would also like to know if that is going to be too much, or how long do these engines go before they poop?! I heard something like 200k, but just want to see if there are any records out there that people underestimated the cars, and got great mileage. please let me know.



9th Nov 2004, 09:42

The engines on these cars were designed very well, there is only one problem. The electrical systems weren't designed to keep up with the engine. In general if you don't mind having the whole car re-wired, you have nothing to worry about.

18th Nov 2004, 19:20

I bought my New Yorker from my grandpa for $1500 and it had about 68,000 miles on it. I had a problem with the head leaking, a head bolt came loose and leaked out my coolant then that caused the engine to overheat and then it cracked the head. I have done minor things to keep it going (pick-up coil, fuel pressure regulator, and a CV joint) other than that it has been nice and get great mileage. I now have 91,000 miles on it and I am suprising pleased with it. Don't give up on it these cars will be worth something to somebody in the far future.

Dustin Ostler

Springville, UT.

23rd Dec 2004, 18:03

My 1987 Chrysler New Yorker with 259992 km., is a beauty, not only in appearance, but in dependability. The engine 5.2L just keeps going, and going, giving excellent gas mileage 27 on highway. It is extremely comfortable and has every option available.

8th Feb 2010, 21:17

I got my New Yorker 1987 as a present. I have always wondered, now that Chrysler has become a different company, if the car is going to be collectible or not. It's got the best engine in it, and no complaints about the 2.5L, it runs better than my PT Cruiser, and spends less money. So far I have not seen anyone with the same car I have.

3rd Jun 2017, 08:50