5th Feb 2006, 10:13

I just bought this same car and I do have the problem of it not always starting. The previous owner had the crank shaft sensor changed in 01 and that seemed to help. I haven't looked into it recently. I seem to have a "common" problem with my transmission that is taking all my time.

7th May 2008, 17:26

I, too, have the same problem with it not always starting. I just bought my 1994 New Yorker and the problem is, when you turn the key all the way forward--it acts like you are trying to start the car while it's in gear, and does nothing but sit there... Sometimes it will start in neutral, sometimes park, but sometimes I sit there for a while until I can get it to turn-over... It seems electrical--like a sensor or something--the starter itself seems to act fine.

Has anybody figured this out yet?

My e-mail is: robb@wnns.com.

23rd Oct 2008, 18:21

I too have the very same problem. I cleaned the battery terminals and it went away for a while, then a month later it is baaaack, click, and won't start. If I continue to try click click click eventually it will start. Had the battery checked it is fine everything else seems fine, just once in a while it gets moody after rain or dampness and then it just surprises me, when I am trying to get to work, and nothing. Then just before I give up and call a cab, hello, it decides to turn over this time. Is it possessed? Has anyone, found out what this huge quite popular problem might be?

30th Oct 2008, 07:30

Your electrical problem, causing the car not to start, might be due to the lower control arm rubbing through the wiring harness, as per this recall...


2nd May 2009, 03:48

My 1994 Chrysler New Yorker A/C lost its coolant. We charged it, but did not use A/C oil. We believe that omission caused the A/C clutch to freeze. The compressor must now be replaced. Looking in salvage for one.

- Sam.