1967 Chrysler Newport 383 Mopar Big Block from UK and Ireland


Love at first Sight!!!


Nothing has gone wrong so far no complaints except for not being able to get hold of parts for the interior.

General Comments:

This is an addicts car once you tried it youll never go back! Its smooth comfortable and Stunning in design on the outside though quite basic on the interior.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2006

1967 Chrysler Newport Custom 383 from North America


A part of me


Many routine maintenance repairs... tune ups and stuff.

Many age related problems too... leaky seals (not too bad though surprisingly), some metal fatigue.

Amp meter's wiring too light for the "newer" alternator style introduced by Chrysler in the 60s. Replaced with voltmeter.

Not designed with radiator shroud, therefore might overheat on a hot day while idling still.

Master cylinder and vacuum booster replaced.

General Comments:

Can't beat the comfort in the ride. It just glides along on the highway or in the city.

The 383 gives plenty of power in the mountains and holds solid on the interstates.

I have driven this car for almost 5 years now as my everyday car. It has made about 14 trips between New Jersey and Tennessee, and will run 75-80 mph like the rest of em.

It is a beautiful car inside and out. It is surprising how well the paint has held up. The interior is still its combination of pretty blues and hardly no sign of age.

I trust this car. I'll admit that there are a few things that I would like to get done (if I had the money). Other than that it is VERY easy to maintain and work on! PLENTY of room under the hood.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2003

30th Oct 2004, 00:02

The Newport is the best car ever built. I have driven a Newport for 3 years and would never want another. Although my cars don't last longer than 3 days as I don't believe insurance will cover Demo Derbys. Thanks Chrysler for an under rated classic.

19th Jun 2006, 13:47

Hi, my father owned a 1968 Chrysler Newport it was a four door sedan and it was gold. It had black interior with black jacquard upholstery. Looking back it was quite lightly optioned even for its day, because this particular model did not have any arm rests, power windows, air conditioning, and it only had an AM radio. Also the light in the car did not work so when you opened the door, the light did not come on.

Anyway it was a beautiful car and I have fond memories of it. My father bought the car in 1971 from a work colleague for $1500 dollars and had it until 1979,when he sold it to a work colleague for $800. It was still running very well when he sold it, but my father said the car guzzled too much gasoline and wanted to sell it due to wanting something more economical. He bought a 1974 Buick Century which was only slightly more economical, but did not have the character of the Newport. The work colleague whom my father sold it too, surprisingly still has our Chrysler and has kept it in a garage since 1988 when it stopped working. It has been sitting in the garage ever since and he has plans to restore the thirty eight year old golden beast. Just for some trivial information, 61,436 Newport sedans and that is just sedans, (not including two door coupes, hardtops, station wagons or convertibles) were made in 1968. I am sure that there is still plenty of 1968 Newport sedans still remaining today. In fact I saw two sitting out in a field about a month ago in Sayreville, N.J.

When I read how much the Chrysler Newport weighed I was surprised, according to official reports, the sedan weighed 3,850 pounds, just 150 pounds under two tons, yet by looking at it, it looks like it weighs much more such as two and a half tons. The 383 is an adequate sized engine for such a large car, but I think a car as large as this deserves at least a 400 cubic inch if not more perhaps the 440 that they saved exclusively for the New Yorker models.

The 1968 Chrysler Newport seems to be a survivor in comparison to its contemporaries such as the 1968 Oldsmobile Delta 88,1968 Pontiac Catalina or the 1968 Buick Le Sabre. I have keyed in these models on the Internet and I have only found one of each on the Internet. whereas I have found at least eight 1968 Chrysler Newport's on the Internet. From this I can only conclude that more 1968 Oldsmobile Delta 88s, 1968 Pontiac Catalina's and 1968 Buick Le Sabres have been sent to the crusher than 1968 Chrysler Newport's.

5th Jan 2008, 09:48

Our family had a white '67 Newport sedan for many years. My father bought it in 1970 and finally sold it in 1984. We took several cross-country trips in that car. For some reason, even though I was just a youngster, I really loved that car. Even though I couldn't drive it, I would spend hours washing and detailing it. I was kind of a weird kid I guess. But that really was a sharp looking car.

My father told me that the car did not have the A/C option, so he had an aftermarket unit put in--a ThermoKing under-dash unit. That sucker sure kicked out ice-cold air. I think he also added an aftermarket cruise control.

Over the years I have often thought of looking for my own Newport. A '67 would be best, but any of the '66 - '68 are all great. But it probably will never happen. Lack of funds, nowhere to work on it, and gas is too expensive now.