1971 Chrysler Newport Custom 383-2Bbl. from North America


A powerful yet comfortable car with a solid, well-built feel


Not much of anything has gone wrong with it, but I don't drive it that much. I drove it a couple thousand miles per year from 1981-86; then it sat until 1993. I didn't drive it again until 1998. I drove it approximately 3000 miles that year until the transmission went out of it due to the fact that the parking brakes were dragging, and caused the transmission and engine to overheat on a day when the outside temperature was 95 degrees F. I didn't drive it again until 2008.

Other than the tranny, the only other parts I have put in it were brake pads/shoes, a distributor, plug wires, and a dual exhaust system.

General Comments:

This is a project car now, so it is stored indoors and only gets driven during summer.

The 383 has lots of power, but should have even more after I install the Carter AVS 4-Barrel and aluminum intake I bought on Ebay.

The body is solid and dent free with the exception of a little rust around the rear wheel wells, but it does need a new vinyl top and new paint.

The interior is almost like new. No ripped upholstery, but the driver's seat springs are sagging a little. This car handles amazingly well for a full size car from the early '70's.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2011