1972 Chrysler Newport Custom 400 c.i. gasoline from North America


A god among cars.


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

Incredibly comfortable, quiet, smooth car.

But unlike most US-made luxury cars, has great performance. The torquey 400 c.i. engine leaps from a stop, and loafs at speeds above 100 mph.

Somehow, the suspension manages to make the ride silky and isolated, yet firm and serious enough to throw the huge car around with complete confidence.

Air conditioner could freeze a camel if driven past one in the desert with the windows rolled down.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2008

6th Aug 2008, 16:11

Actually your car has a 383ci motor cause the 400ci motors didn't come on the Newport until 1972.

7th Aug 2008, 11:37

Or it could be a 440, which seems to be more common for the luxury barges. I agree with the last comment, the 400 would probably not have been available yet in 1971. First basic question, is the distributor in the front or back?

8th Aug 2008, 00:23

Yes, it had the 400 c.i. motor in it. If you look at the entry, it states that this is the 1972 model car, but carsurvey.org organizes cars by the year of manufacture, which was 1971 for this 1972 model car.

No, I do not own the car any more. I put about 85,000 miles on it while I had it. It had only 381 miles on it when I got it.